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Panasonic KV-S1045C Document Scanner

Best photo scanner


Compact Design

Easy To Use

High Resolution

Fast Connectivity

High-Speed Scanning


Compact Space Saving Design

For regions for example a desktop where space is restricted, a compact space saving design is a very advantageous function. Panasonic's experienced design team took this into account when developing the Panasonic KV-S1045C scanner, as a result generating a higher speed desktop scanner together with the smallest footprint probable. The Panasonic KV-S1045C also functions a retractable exit tray which assists conserve space when the scanner will not be in use.

75 Page + 3 Tough Card ADF

A large capacity ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) is an critical part of any scanning experience. Users simply location up to the allotted document capacity in to the ADF in the tray and begin the scan job. This permits for an effortlessly managed scan method, and saves users time by eliminating the have to have to individually feed pages a single by 1 by means of the scanner.

Mixed Size Document Feeding

The ability to handle mixed size documents is definitely an essential function for a lot of workplace environments that handle many documents and document sizes. By way of example, a doctor's office may perhaps need to scan a wellness questionnaire printed on letter size paper plus a medical insurance card. The KV-S1045C is capable of scanning all these documents inside a single scan. This helps save time by feeding documents of several sizes in one shot devoid of the need to have for a number of scans.

A number of Embossed Card Scanning

To help keep workflow as efficient as you possibly can, "Multiple Embossed Card Scanning" enables the scanner to manage tough plastic embossed cards in a single batch, in conjunction with other documents, without getting to transform settings or switch any products out. The capability to scan items like driver's licenses, credit cards, insurance cards along with other things of this range aid in producing as fluid of a scanning environment probable.

Ultrasonic Double-Feed Sensor

The capability to handle mixed size documents is an crucial feature for a lot of office environments that deal with a number of documents and document sizes. One example is, a doctor's workplace may possibly require to scan a health questionnaire printed on letter size paper in addition to a health-related insurance card. The KV-S1045C is capable of scanning all these documents in a single scan. This helps save time by feeding documents of various sizes in 1 shot with no the will need for a number of scans.

Double-Feed Prevention Roller


Making certain trusted scanning of huge amounts of documents, the "Double-Feed Prevention Roller" assists protect against scanning mis-feeds. Assisting the document feeding course of action, the double-feed prevention roller separates the feeding documents from the second sheet onward. This reduces, and ultimately helps to stop the amount of occurrences of sheets coming through as a double-feed.

Extended Paper Mode

Long Paper Mode makes it possible for documents of up to one hundred inches in length to be scanned in one single scan job. This function was designed for scanning electrocardiograms (EKG), effectively logs, exceptionally extended receipts or any other specific documents. The hugely reliable paper feed method guarantees that these documents are scanned straight via as a single scan job.

Auto Erasure Security

Scanning scenarios requiring the highest levels of security are benefitted by Auto Erasure Security. Scanners featuring this higher security technology automatically erase all data from the scanner's built-in memory. This function aids secure against information leaks and aids in preventing hardware hacking.

Sophisticated Image Enhancement

Having a mixture of progressive hardware and computer software options, via Advanced Image Enhancement, Panasonic scanners enable to create images of equal or greater high quality than the initially scanned documents. This proves not merely effective for the objective of precise record archiving, but additionally permits for really correct OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing.

Effortless User Maintenance

Panasonic scanners are made with all the comfort and ease of use with the scanner user in mind. The clamshell design and style enables for full, straightforward access towards the major paper path for Easy User Maintenance. This enables scanner users to effortlessly clear the occasional paper jam, clean the unit or replace the rollers with no having to call a service technician.

Image Capture Plus Software v1.3

Bundled normal with all Panasonic Scanners, the Panasonic Image Capture Plus Computer software is your ultimate capture answer. Featuring a wealth of image processing functionality, it guarantees that you have the tools essential to deal with practically any scanning requirement. Characteristics with the Panasonic Image Capture Plus software involve: Automatic Brightness Adjustment, Automatic Image Emphasis, Zonal OCR, Automatic Binary/Color Distinction, Double Exposure, Blank Web page Removal, Automatic Crop, Automatic Deskew, MultiStream, Dynamic Threshold, Multi-Color Dropout, Hole Removal, Background Smoothing, 2-Page Separation, Multi-Crop, and more.



40 ppm


Part #



Max. paper size:



Colour mode:

Colour, greyscale, black and white


Scanning side:  

Duplex (both sides)


Duplex speed:  

80 images per minute


Feeder capacity:  

75 sheets












Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


* Windows 7 drivers may require downloading separately after scanner purchase


Free software included:

RTIV Capture Software