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Sony HTST7 HD Sound Bar with Wireless

Best Sound Bar with Wireless


Ease of set-up

Sounds good

Beautiful piece of equipment


Again it comes down to price

Higher Definition Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Bring your Tv and music expertise to life with exceptional audio marked by rich, organic sound, amazing clarity, and definition that can make your movies and music come alive. 


Magnetic Fluid Speaker Technologies

In standard speakers, dampers supply suspension and stability for voice coils, which unfortunately make unwanted noise and distortion. By eliminating speaker dampers and replacing them with magnetic fluid speaker technologies, power efficiency is substantially enhanced, and mid and higher ranges are extended in unbelievable detail and clarity. With Magnetic Fluid Speaker technologies, the ST7 makes it possible for a much more correct revealing sound, in addition to making 1.6 instances the volume of a standard speaker. 


Versatile Connection and Very Simple Operation

Regardless of whether you wish to connect your set top rated box, Blu-ray Disc player, Television or even mobile device to this Sound Bar, the ST7 has you covered. With 3 HDMI, three other digital inputs and even analog input connecting numerous devices is simple. It might be connected to your Television through HDMI and have handled over the Sound Bar working with just 1 Television remote. By using your Tv remote, you are able to activate the energy and control the volume around the bar. 


Bluetooth Stand-By Mode

When a Bluetooth enabled mobile device attempts to connect with the ST7 Sound Bar, the ST7 will automatically turn-on and start to stream music from your mobile device, devoid of any further measures or possessing to turn on most elements. 

Detachable Grill

The perforated aluminum front grill comes anodized in a wet black finish, and can also be removed, exposing the speaker drivers, signifying the presence of sound as an integral part of your viewing expertise. 


Wall Mountable

To the key-hole wall mount system, ST7 very often easily mounts on any wall without the need of the need to have for any separate mounting bracket or hardware. Moreover, ST7 fits naturally beneath an HDTV so it could conveniently be placed on a Tv stand or tabletop.




Warranty Terms - Parts

1 year limited

Warranty Terms - Labor

1 year limited


Soundbar: 4-3/8"; subwoofer: 16-1/4"


Soundbar: 42-5/8"; subwoofer: 9-1/2"


Soundbar: 4-3/8"; subwoofer: 15-1/2"


Soundbar: 17.4 lbs. (with grille frame and stands); subwoofer: 24.7 lbs.

Total System Power


Subwoofer Power (watts)


Subwoofer Type


Number of Speakers

1 + subwoofer

HDMI Inputs


Digital Input

1 coaxial

HDMI Outputs


Wireless Subwoofer




Surround Sound Decoders

DTS 96/24, DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus