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Husqvarna 961450012 HU725F 22-Inch 3-in-1 FWD Variable Speed Mower

Top electric mower


- Cuts through tall grass with ease
- Very lightweight and easy to push
- Starts on first crank
- Comes with oil
- Long warranty
- Wheel height adjusts very easily


- Somewhat expensive
- Sticks and pine cones are very loud inside the blade

Husqvarna 961450012 HU725F 22-Inch 3-in-1 FWD Variable Speed Mower


Though Black & Decker is perhaps the most influential leader in the development of electric mowers, Husqvarna 961450012 HU725F is its first mower to feature a self-propel function. A self-drive bail handle activates the self-propel feature, and it features variable speeds that you adjust by using a speed control lever rather than buttons or switches. The lever makes the mower's speed easy to personalize even while self-propel is engaged; the self-drive bail handle, which cuts the self-propel function off when released, makes it easy to go from self-propelling to manually pushing the mower. Learning to effectively use the self-drive bail handle to maximize mower and battery performance may take a little bit of time, but is just a matter of becoming comfortable with the mower.


Because the bag is a bit small and clippings sometimes find a way out of the bag, the Husqvarna 961450012 HU725F doesn't score as well as comparable mowers in the bagging category. However, it does mulch and discharge its clippings efficiently.


Design & Ease of Use




The Husqvarna 961450012 HU725F features a 3-in-1 switch on the mower's deck, which makes it easy to select from the mower's modes: bagging, mulching or discharging your grass clippings. When the mower is in bagging mode, simply make sure the bag is attached and you are good to go. In order to switch between bagging, mulching and discharging, simply flip the switch to your desired mode.


Another great feature is the SPCM1936's wheel height adjustment function. Many mowers make you select your mower's cutting height by raising or lowering each wheel individually, but on the SPCM1936 you set your blade height with a one-touch adjustment system. This easy-to-use system features a single handle on the right side of the mower that you grip comfortably in one hand. Squeezing the handle releases the wheel-height locking mechanism, which allows the mower to rise to its highest cutting height. Because the mower's height adjustment system is pressurized, raising the mower requires no effort other than squeezing the handle. From there you simply put your own weight on the mechanism to adjust the blade to between 1.5 to 3.5 inches off the ground, and then release the handle to lock the mower at the desired cutting height.


An unfortunate circumstance of theHusqvarna 961450012 HU725F design is its weight. For people who can afford to use the self-propel function throughout the entire mowing session, the 90-pound mower isn't too difficult to move. However, manually pushing the mower instead of using the self-propel, a method used to save battery power, is nearly impossible – especially with a bag full of grass clippings attached.


Another drawback, though not as significant, is the Husqvarna 961450012 HU725F's dependence on lead-acid technology for power rather than the innovative lithium-ion type battery. This is most likely due to cost and battery efficiency because lithium-ion technology is still relatively new; however, lead-acid will likely be a thing of the past for electric mowers in a few years.


Other great design features include:


- no-slip handle grip


- foldable design for upright storage


- removable battery


- remaining battery power indicator


- removable key


- minimal out-of-the-box assembly (simply attach the handle)


- low noise level


>> 22-Inch Cutting Width


>> 3-in-1 cutting system (mulch, side discharge and rear bag)


>> Briggs & Stratton 725ex Series Engine - 190cc


>> Self-Propelled Front Wheel Drive


>> CARB Compliant