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Inspire Cardio Strider 1 (Cs1)

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Nice handling design

Light weight


Narrow tires require more air pressure to prevent pinch flats


Great exercising - gets your lungs functioning and brings out the sweat, without having pain


Recently purchased this (from a further dealer, sorry, better value! ) , Found the assembly instructions a little intimidating to appear at, but it was rather uncomplicated when I sat down to basically assemble it. It is fairly solid, and very effectively engineered.


I'm in recovery from major abdominal surgery, and used a NuStep in rehab. I need to have a solution to exercise day-to-day, even in winter, and the NuStep was way out of my budget. Went with the CS1, which was within my spending budget (although not cheap).


It really is a fundamental machine, devoid of all the bells and whistles (that nobody has ever utilized!), and in use I consider I basically like it just a little better than the NuStep. The motion is quite easy around the joints and offers a very decent workout. Doesn't take up as well much floor space (though it is not tiny!).


One particular unfavorable, the letters around the display readout are extremely small and not easy to read without a fair quantity of light and close viewing! But that is not a great deal of an issue for me, since the only two numbers I really care about are time duration and resistance level, each which are simply rude.


I feel this was currently mentioned, but this thing is totally SILENT in use. Kudos to the guys that designed it.


Inspire Cardio Strider 2 (Cs2)


This ad is for any New inspiring Cardio Strider 2 (Model: CS-2). It feels quite equivalent to the ones in physical therapy offices that price, 000+. This is a wonderful, affordable alternative that has been assisting a large number of people today to acquire moving without causing further injury.





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Product Name

Inspire Cardio Strider 1 Cs1


300 lbs.


120 VAC


CS1 Cardio Strider

Product Weight


Flywheel Weight