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V2 Lifetime Warranty on their electronic products

Great product selection! Include e-liquid, 3 sizes of battery, many flavors and a lot of electronic cigarette Accessories 



Overall design could be better


V2 Cigs Review




With the launch of their EX line of products, V2 Cigs has earned the #1 spot in the rankings. Refillable tanks, delicious selection of e-liquid flavors and a unique hybrid technology that mixes portability with performance.


Reasoning Behind Ranking


V2 Cigs just recently completed the transition to their EX line of products. This new line is basically e-cigarettes with refillable tanks, more powerful batteries, better taste and increased vapor production without the bulkiness.


Essentially the V2 Cigs EX series is a hybrid between the portable, miniature e-cigarettes and the powerful, refillable personal vaporizer setups. And we really thought it brought the best of both worlds.


Is V2 Cigs Right For You?


Most likely, yes. If you are a beginner, it's a great way to get started off on the right foot. You can have great flavors, solid vapor production and an e-cig that provides a satisfying hit without having to go through inferior products first.


If you have been vaping for a while, you will love the combination of performance with portability. The vapor production of this new product really is comparable to advanced options like the eGo setup.


V2 Cigs Starter Kit Options and Prices


V2 Cigs has a number of options in their Starter Kit department, we're pretty sure that something will fit your budget and needs. But before you go too far, don't forget about our exclusive coupon code!


Beginner's Kit - $34.95


The "Beginner's Kit" is the only kit htat does not contain the EX upgraded battery and tanks. It's great for those on a budget.


It comes with a battery, 5-pack of flavor cartridges, a USB charger and a disposable e-cig just in case you need one.


V2 Standard EX Kit - $79.95


So essentially the only difference between the Standard EX and the Standard E-Liquid is that this kit comes with the new EX cartomizers. They are prefilled, normally not a good thing, but they are designed with an air-proof seal and don't involve cotton.


This results of this unique invention? Incredible difference in taste of the vapor and in "throat hit" or how satisfying or powerful each puff is. We were skeptical at first but once we tried them we have become every day users.


Also comes with two batteries, two 5-packs of any flavor, and USB/wall charger.


Please note you can downgrade to the original, non-EX Standard Kit and save $20, but we don't advise that!


Standard E-Liquid Kit - $79.95


The Standard E-Liquid Tank is unique from the rest of V2 Cig's offerings because it includes the "EX Blanks" cartridges. If you want refillable tanks, this is the kit to go with. You can refill the Blanks with any e-liquid on the planet, which means you can customizer your experience and save money by refilling yourself.


Also comes with 2 EX batteries and 2 bottles of E-Liquid in any 2 flavors.


V2 Series 3 Pro Kit - $69.95


V2 Cigs has just released their new Series 3 Pro Vaporizer. This is a setup that doesn't look like anything they've produced before. It has a longer lasting battery, creates bigger vapor clouds and can be refilled over and over again with e-liquid. If you want the latest and greatest in the e-cigarette world, than the V2 Cigs Pro is where it's at.