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Vapor Fi

e cigarette


Excellent options for beginners and more serious vapers

Various devices, battery styles & accessories

100% U.S. made e-juices

Huge assortment of over 100+ unique flavors

No-hassle 90-day warranty


Kits DO NOT include e-liquid or cartridges (sold separately)

Some products a bit expensive

Vapor Fi E-Cigarette Review


Introducing: Vapor Fi Electronic Cigarettes


Vapor Fi has quickly become one of the top brands of electronic cigarettes on the market, which is very interesting after seemingly no one had heard of them before last year. It turns out that the same company that owns Vapor Fi also owns EverSmoke and South Beach Smoke. Both of those companies have had their time in the spotlight, but I would venture to guess that Vapor Fi will be the company that becomes an industry leader. They are basically brand new but they have generated a huge following and offer everything an e-cigarette brand should.


The Bottom Line: Would I Benefit From Choosing Vapor Fi?


After months of ordering electronic cigarette starter kits, having our e-cig expert test them and post the findings, we finally finished and were ready to move on to other projects. Then we realized that this brand, Vapor Fi, was all over the e-cigarette space. People seemed to really like their product. And after running our own tests, there's no denying they are a top 3 brand right now.


They have a huge range of 8 different e-cig models, from the traditional "cig-a-like" to a huge "mod" that looks like a sci-fi prop. But their greatest asset is their e-liquid. Not only do they have a huge selection and a lot of great reviews, but they have a feature where you can create your own flavors by mixing existing ones. It's incredible.


You Will Enjoy a Vapor Fi Electronic Cigarette If:


- You are someone who loves to challenge their taste buds


- You want a simple yet effective e-cigarette setup  


- You want options and explanations of your options when shopping


- You like to accessorize and customize


But really I think anyone would like Vapor Fi products if given the chance to try them. So let's go ahead and take a look at what those products actually are.


Vapor Fi Starter Kit Options


Vapor Fi has a wide selection of models, so we took the liberty of giving you a little information about each of them along with the price. Here is the lineup:


Express Starter Kit - $29.99


The Express Starter Kit is your typical "cig-a-like" option, except that VaporFi offers refillable cartridges so you don't have to continue buying cartridges and have the opportunity to try any flavor or brand of e-liquid. Great for those who want something small and portable!


Air Starter Kit - $39.99


The Air Starter Kit is a bit more advanced than the Express Kit. It's larger and has an easier tank to refill with e-liquid. However it still lacks the power that I think a lot of e-cigarette users want. The battery is only 350 mAH, which means it can't hold a charge for very long. It has a cool design but I wouldn't recommend this one compared to the rest of their lineup.


Pro Kits - $49.99


The Pro Kit is the absolute best option for beginners or those who are looking to upgrade from disposable or other miniature e-cigs. These batteries pack a very nice punch, the tanks are refillable and pump out really great tasting vapor. This is what the majority of e-cig users will be vaping within a few years.