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Phantom 2 Vision+ V3.0 Quadcopter with FPV HD Video Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal Toys

Video Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal Toys


Easy to fly

good value

fairly crash resistant

everything is repairable

everything is upgradeable



can get expensive

can get complicated without good guidance

suport is not good

Enhanced V3.0 model


DJI reacts rapidly to enhance their automatons and has done quite recently that with the new V3.0 Phantom Vision+. They have determined a few issues with propellers advancing lose by making them self


tightening and a few issues with battery associations falling flat in flight. Both of these and more issues have been tended to in the freshest model. You can even now find the more established 2.0 and unique


Extreme long range flight AND wellbeing


With such a large number of safeguards you'll feel sure flying and shooting with Phantom 2 Vision+ quad. It utilizes two wifi signs to keep you associated and in control. One is at 2.4gh and associate with your iOS


gadgets for FPV flight. The other is 5.4ghz which is the control channel. On the off chance that you lose association? Not to stress the construct in RTH (come back to home) gimmick takes your copter once more to te area of the transmitter utilizing GPS facilitates, floats and grounds securely. These sorts of gimmicks have made the DJI Phantom group of automatons the pioneer in prepared to-fly copters.


Out of the case STABLE HD feature


Different models oblige a considerable measure of secondary selling gathering and adjustment. The Phantom 2 Vision+ incorporates a 3 way gimble officially introduced and a 14mp HD 1080 cam that can shoot at 30fps.


The incorporated 4gb SD card can hold around 1 hour of footage. Overhaul your SD card for much additionally recording. Whether you're a dji_phantom_vision_plus_flyingamateur picture taker or movie producer you'll discover this cam is equipped for astounding cam work. In the event that top quality cams are essential pick the Phantom 2 Vision+.


Longer flight times


Is the extent extraordinary, as well as expect close twofold flight times with the Phantom 2 Vision+. Extra battery limit stretches out flights up to 25 min. Some individuals are reporting flight speeds up to 40 mph relying upon wind conditions. Effectively can catch questions or individuals in movement with the remarkable max pace of 22 mph.


Not the best quadcopter fo fledglings, yet simple to learn


Again and again individuals who survey the DJI Phantom automatons gripe about slamming. While you have to be mindful that this is a hazard, those with positive encounters appear to have a decent understanding of how quadcopters function and fly in distinctive conditions. So in case you're considering the Phantom group of copters for your first arrangement on requiring significant investment to get to know them before attempting any amplified flights!

You'll discover all the same incredible gimmicks in the fundamental Phantom quadcopter here in addition to an incorporated 1080p cam that can shoot crysal clear stills and catch astounding top notch, high determination footage. A solitary hub control takes into consideration panning so you can fly and catch more modern panning shots


Better battery life + FPV


An enhanced LiPo (lithium polymer) battery expands flight times from the first 15 minutes now up to 25 minutes on single charge. Utilizing the fabricated as a part of wifi and GPS characteristics you can now see first individual (FPV) what your automaton is seeing utilizing an iOS gadget. With a strong scope of 980 feet you'll have the capacity to fly over and around huge structures, treed ranges and waterways without issue.


Be watchful however, this sort of flying is for experienced pilots just! Constructed for no particular reason AND wellbeing


The greater part of the Phantom quadcopters now offers a RTH (come back to home) offer that permits the quad to placed the transmitter utilizing GPS directions if you lose association for reasons unknown.


Keeping your speculation, footage and automaton safe is discriminating and DJI has made a fabulous showing of all these.


Flying with cam choices!


DJI has truly made an incredible showing turning into the business pioneer in quadcopters for individuals who are prepared to move past the toy adaptations. This model is an awesome quad that has flight time as 15 minustes and a top pace of 22mph. The DJI Phantom UAV has the capacity fly outside because of the GPS situating that can adjust for wind float and a respectable scope of 980 feet! With basic 5 stage startup you'll end up set from unboxing to noticeable all around in a brief time because of prepared to-fly (RTF) plan.


Fabulous configuration, peculiarities, surveys


At whatever point an item is a fan most loved you can trust its carried out right. The Phantom UAV Drone is only that with more than 400 positive audits you'll be exceptionally content with this in your "toy box".


A couple of extraordinary peculiarities salary the capacity profit home for autopilot so you don't need to stress over its essential heading, super straightforward start up capacity by simply moving the two sticks towards each other and down to start the rotors and best of all the similarity with the unbelievable GoPro HD cam arrangement for film quality footage!dji_phantom_reviews


This model is additionally perfect with the greatly mainstream and decently adored Zenmuse 3 way gimble so when you're prepared to go cam empower you're in for the best of the best for rigging.


A couple of downsides


Because of the radio plan this model is not good with FPV frameworks or wifi streaming frameworks as it will meddle with the radio sign bringing on flight issues. Being a more confounded model than the average rc quadcopters just those with moderate aptitude level ought to consider this for their next venture. While accidents are far-fetched given all the gyrp gimmicks and autopilot, this could be a immoderate misstep for an amatuer pilot or kid.


Gimble means full cam control


A gimble makes the modern work of pointing a cam and making smooth shoots a breeze. A decent 3 way gimble provides for you an unfathomable measure of control so you're shots are litereally unlimted. The Phantom 2 Vision+ incorporates a prepared to go, balanced 3 way gimble included with the 1080p cam so out of the crate you will be fit for shooting inconceivable footage and pictures.







Display Size

1.5 inches


Item Dimensions

12.5 x 8.1 x 17 inches


Item Weight

2.2 pounds


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9.5 pounds



Phantom 2 Vision+



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