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Batteries Last For Days Not Hours

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Halo E-Cigarette Review


Halo E Cigs


Halo has been a leader in the e-cigarette industry for the last few years. 2 years ago, they were selling 'cig-a-like' models like pretty much every other brand in the country. But they were one of the first of the major brands to produce their own USA-made e-liquid, which was a big deal because back then most brands imported from China where there really wasn't much quality control. But now, Halo has skyrocketed past the cig-a-like age and into the world of refillable tanks and long-lasting, powerful batteries. Basically within 2 years, they went from selling something that was basically this:  


Yep, that is Halo's infamous Triton Tank System, which we'll get into further down in the review. This fantastic vaping setup combined with their famous e-liquid are the reason Halo is consistently one of the highest ranked brands in the e-cigarette world.


Halo Starter Kit Selection and Prices


Halo has two very different starter kits: The G6 Starter Kit is their older, 'cig-a-like' style model. But it's been upgraded and now includes mini refillable tanks which makes a big difference. It is currently selling for $44.95. Then the Triton Tank System Starter Kit, which we showed you up there, is their superstar product. It just seems to have far better flavor and vapor production than you get from the smaller batteries and mini tanks. It's just generally considered better by everyone from advanced e-cigarette users to beginners. The larger, eGo-style battery and tank really make all the difference.


Halo G6 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit ($44.99)


The G6 is Halo’s version of the “cig-alike." It performs just as well as other top brands with similar models. The G6 Starter Kit includes two batteries, five cartomizers, one USB charger, one wall adapter, and one Halo case. You get to choose the color and size of your batteries as well as whether they are automatic or manual. Of course you also pick what flavor you'd like included. They've actually added miniature refillable tanks to their G6 line, which sort of mixes the portability with the power of the Triton System. Plus, it's $20 less, which never hurts. Check out Halo Cig's G6 Starter Kit Options here. Though honestly we think it's worth far more than the extra $20 to go for the product we're going to talk about next...


Halo Triton Tank System Starter Kit ($64.99)


The Triton Tank System is the star of the show for Halo. It's one of the best overall setups I've had in my time as an e-cigarette user and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to make the switch from tobacco. The Triton Tank System runs for $65, and you get the following:


2 Manual Triton Batteries in the color of your choice


2 Crystal Clear Tanks


1 Iridescence Cone (this covers the tank and matches your battery to give it an overall sleeker look)


1 Charging Kit


This is a very reasonable deal for a two battery kit, especially on the level that the Triton batteries are on. If you want to check out all the different colors and options for the tank system