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AO Smith BTR-200 Tank Type Water Heater with Commercial Natural Gas



Lowest up-front costs

Easiest installation and replacement

Some models don’t require electricity to operate

Uses a wide variety of available fuels


Standby heat loss

Can run out of hot water

Tanks are large and heavy

AO Smith BTR-200 Tank Type Water Heater with Commercial Natural Gas


The benefits and varieties of water heaters

First for AO Smith BTR-200 Tank Type Water Heater with Commercial Natural Gas, it is possible to pick out the storage systems or hot water tankless and store, tank style for hot water is there when essential.

These heaters are most frequently employed. The celebration of 76-380 liters (20-100 gallons) of hot water - adequate for many properties. Energy efficient models as of late have additional isolation, minimizing the heat loss through the tank wall.


Normal efficiency

House gas water heaters which generally consist from the steel cylinder. They moreover two.5-5 cm (1-2 inches) of insulation placed relating for the liner plus the outside cover from the tank, a provide of cold water as well as a hot water outlet, a draft cover, and a duct. The actual gas burner is inside the combustion chamber in the bottom portion of your tank, in which a light fixture ignition of your key burner. Air for burning enters via the open positions within the bottom of your chamber.

A unit thermoregulator as well as the valve settings the water temperature inside the tank as well as the flow of gas. The conduit passes vertically by way of the center with the tank to the outside inside the cylinder. Its major activity is to conduct the actual combustion merchandise to the actual ventilation technique.


A.O. Smith BTR-201 Commercial Tank Form Water Heater, Natural Gas, 32 Gallon, Master-Fit, Booster, 199,900 BTU Input Attributes:

• The Eliminator self-cleaning method -designed to substantially decrease or do away with a buildup of lime, sand along with other sediment inside the tank. Lowered sediment buildup assists Master-Fit water heaters keep their rated power efficiency and reduce water heating costs. The Self-cleaning technique also aids prolong tank life.
• Built-in induced draft blower - produces power-induced draft of makeup air before burner ignition. It can give a lot more efficient control of heat via the flue collector. No draft hood or barometric damper essential.
• Rated as a category 1 appliance - is often frequently vented with other Category 1 appliances, using common metal Variety: B vent
• PERMAGLAS ultra coat glass lining - exclusive approach gives superior protection against corrosion. Core Gard anode rods with stainless steel core deliver added corrosion protection.
• 3 water connection possibilities -hot and cold water connections might be made by way of prime, front or rear of the water heater. The Eliminator self-cleaning device operates when cold water is connected by means of front.
• Intermittent electronic ignition - eliminates standing pilot, incorporates energy ON/OFF switch, and offers a flame failure response in significantly less than 1 second.


There are numerous sorts of water heaters high efficiency natural gas

The direct vent, closed combustion or the consumption of hot water and drain outdoors the house, in lieu of within the space. The gases are conveyed towards the outside, together with the aid of a fan. Boost functionality by reducing losses not within the loop. These models may also be a few of the most secure.

Condensing boilers higher efficiency condensation collection to reduce the loss of heat. Even though corrosion resistant resources more to enhance the machine price, high efficiency greater than offset.


Tankless water heaters

A demand or tankless hot water fire only when essential, as opposed to maintaining underneath constant heat. They may be the only genuine source of water for domestic use heat, or you'll be able to add for your traditional heating method.


Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Application: Plumbing
Height (Inches): 72
Vent Size: 6"
Vent Type: Type B
Diameter (Inches): 30-1/4"


Capacity (Gallons): 100
Water Connection: 1-1/2"
Gas Connection: 1/2"
BTU Input: 199000
Weight (lbs): 630 lbs
Recovery 40°F Rise: 482 GPH
Recovery 100°F Rise: 193 GPH
Recovery 140°F Rise: 132 GPH
Max Pressure (PSI): 160 psi
Max Temp (F): 180°F
Max Pressure: 14" W.C.


Hertz: 60
Warranty: 3 Yr Limited Tank