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Edge Star 2.0 Cu. Ft. Fast Dry Vent less Washer Dryer Combo - Silver

washer and dryer


Energy efficiency

Complete wash together with dry in less than 3 hours



Beeping after the wash and dry is finished and manufacturer says there’s no way to disable it.

Edge Star 2.0 Cu. Ft. Fast Dry Vent less Washer Dryer Combo - Silver


Our analysis:


Additionally to their compact size, among the list of most important positive aspects of washer dryer combos is its specialized non-vented system that makes it possible for straightforward installation in a closet, cabinet, or anyplace exactly where water and electricity are out there. Combo units employ a two-drum method in which hot, moisture-laden air is pushed in to the outer drum, where cooling condensation extracts water in the laundry load. The condensed water is then flushed through the drain hose into a sink, or existing plumbing lines. Faucet adapters let you connect gear to a standard sink faucet.


The horizontal axis from the drum within a combo unit also gives a superior wash. Using the agitator element popular to prime load washers eliminated, these machines are significantly improved suited to handling a wide range of fabric kinds, from delicates to heavy denims. In contrast to agitators, which might have a rough action which can be tough on clothes, horizontal drums mimic the action of hand or washboard washing, repeatedly lifting fabrics out from the soapy water and then plunging them back in. This allows detergents to completely penetrate clothes, lifting stains and dislodging dirt and grime. Lastly, these units employ a higher rpm spin cycle that is particularly productive at squeezing out excess water and leftover soap residue, producing them ideal for those with detergent allergies or sensitive skin.


About this item:

This vent less washer and dryer combo offer you quite a few improvements not found in other vent less machines. One of its primary advantages is the triple detergent dispenser and their innovative forced air technology another useful plus for this appliance is definitely the ease of use that comes with it. The handle panel is extremely simple to know and, in spite of possessing such a wide range of wash cycles, temperature controls and other adjustable customization choices, it remains straightforward and intuitive to work with. The added big 15-pound wash capacity is great for households that have huge loads to become performed promptly, along with the Edge Star Fast Dry Vent less Washer Dryer Combo does perform swiftly.


The CWD1510S is perfect for residences that lack the correct ventilation and space to accommodate complete size units Selection of Wash Cycles: You'll find seven (7) distinctive wash cycles, three (3) wash/rinse temperatures, 5 (five) spin speeds, 3 (three) soil level settings, as well as a self-clean setting that utilizes added higher levels of heat to remove any buildup Impressive Cycle Customization: Custom settings for each and every cycle give you the energy to precisely tailor operation towards the precise demands of any and all loads - there s even a favorite setting Fast Dry Drying Technologies: Because the only combo washer/dryer with this technologies, the Edge Star CWD1510S offers by far the most drying effectiveness by use of forced cyclonic airflow technology proven to minimize drying time.


Brand Name EdgeStar
Model Info CWD1510S
Item Weight 188 pounds
Item model number CWD1510S
Part Number CWD1510S