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SWAROVSKI 24ct Gold iPhone 5S 64gb Unlocked White

new iphone


Camera clarity good

Installation easy

High quality processor 


Limited battery life



The new iPhone 5s styles from applegold comes unlocked and sim cost-free in gorgeous 24ct Gold or Rose Gold.

iPhone 5s is precision crafted down to the micron. And it is evident all through. The lovely aluminium housing. The sleekness of metal and glass. Sapphire crystal inside the Residence button. And more sapphire crystal safeguarding the iSight camera. Style and building on this level is unmatched. Consequently, iPhone 5s looks and feels unbelievably thin and light.

iPhone 5s would be the first 64-bit smartphone in the world. And iOS 7 was made with that in mind, constructed especially for 64-bit architecture. Which tends to make iOS 7 just as sophisticated because the iPhone it is on.

With an remarkable level of technologies within a remarkably thin, light design. iPhone 5s builds on that achievement with Touch ID - a fingerprint identity sensor. An A7 chip with 64-bit architecture. An a lot more impressive iSight camera. And ultra-fast wireless.


Size and build


In regards to sheer dimensions, the Note was and continues the leader as well as the device to beat. The original Note result in authorities coining the term “phablet” and therefore the Note four is still enormous. Even though it has shed a great deal on the useless bezel now and isnt tough to hold.

The iPhone 6 Plus is very sleek and comes just shy of 7.1mm in thickness which is quite thin and that stated you will certainly need to have a case to shield it because persons have identified the rounded edges to become a great deal slippery. The Note 4 on the other hand flaunts chamfered metal edges on all sides.




Each weight virtually the exact same and which is a big feat to get a device just like the Note four. However, the iPhone 6 Plus is just 2% lighter than the Note four.




The iPhone six Plus is substantially of a tablet. This is the initial 1080p iPhone, and it must appear noticeably sharper than the 750p iPhone six. If you need pixels, although, the Note 4 would be the place to go. It includes a Quad HD display that packs in 78 percent extra pixels than the iPhone 6 Plus does.


The iPhone 6 Plus brings a IPS LCD display that is unquestionably vibrant but significantly much more accurate. Super AMOLED displays are awesome when it comes to brightness and sunlight visiblity. Regardless of which way you go you will have a bleeding edge screen.


Figerprint sensor:


Each phones tick the boxes here but Apple’s implementation is a great deal much better and sophisticated. The sensor on the Note 4 is improved but nonetheless behaves cranky and wants the user to swipe at specifically 1 speed.




It have massive batteries and would easily last more than a day on moderate use.




The Apple iPhone 6 has a large enough sensor with OIS this time around. The Note 4 has double the resolution which enables it to record videos in 4k.




24k White Gold










Customized with Crystal Swarovski