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Panda Small Mini Stainless Steel Tumble Dryer5.5-6.6lbs Compact Apartment Dryer Pan725sf

washing machines


Lightweight and easy to carry

Stainless steel tub to protect again scratches and erosion

Mountable – if space is limited, you can mount this portable dryer on a wall

Plugs into any outlet

Comes in white or black

Dries quickly – much faster that I thought it would


Only holds  5.5-6.6lbs pounds which is disappointing as I would have expected a little more given the price

Needs a drying vent – this is an added cost if you do not have one



• It’s best to work with because the key dryer in an apartment, condominium along with other tiny living spaces.

• Using as secondary one in home laundry room, easy near the baby or children’s area, or maybe a property fitness center, where frequent clothing washing is inevitable.

• Perfect for drying baby’s garments, smaller loads like your underwear, Pyjama, yoga suit, T-shirts, towel, handkerchief, socks, and so on.

• Smart laundry choice- this mini washer is really adorable and effortless carrying, light weighted and compact sized having a removable lint filter and mounting brackets included, and it saves your electrical energy bill

• Operating this dryer is definitely an easy-understanding and enjoyable laundry experience - just use 1 timer to set your desired temperature , then we just wait to witness the scented, soft and warm outcomes.



Easy to clean the lint filter using your vaccum cleaner hose !


This dryer takes about twice as extended to dry clothing as a typical dryer in case you fill it as much as capacity but they do come out good and fluffy and practically wrinkle no cost so it truly is worth the money. I would have bought a bigger size although if I had recognized it would aid for positive. Also should you use your vacuum hose to clean the dryer vent, it takes all of the lint out within a second or two. It performs like a charm and it is so uncomplicated to perform that way! (They should have put that within the directions on ways to clean it!) I do really like this mini dryer and I don’t even need to vent it out anywhere.




The Panda Smaller Mini Stainless Steel Tumble Dryer performs outstandingly. The dryer could be set around the temperature and time which you would like. The dryer is compact, but operates at the same time if not far better than the normal size dryer. Placed a single pair of jeans, two cotton blouses, along with a pair of socks using the setting on “Warm”, inside a single hour they have been dry and wrinkle-free.


Best Use:


There is not anyplace that the Panda Compact Mini Steel Tumble Dryer can not be employed. This handy lightweight dryer can easily be taken to your summer time cabin or loaded into your RV for vacations. This is terrific for a loved ones that needs an extra dryer around for the children. This can be definitely an anywhere, anytime dryer.




The dryer is lightweight and only weighs 37.5 pounds. The dryer comes in white or black so you could match the décor of one's household. With handy wheels, that you are in a position to move the dryer about with ease. It is possible to put as much as five.5-6.6lbs pounds of clothing in to the stainless steel tub and you will have dry clothing quickly.



Brand Panda
Model PAN725SF
Color White & Black
Drying Capacity 5.5-6.6lbslbs/2.5-3kgKG
Voltage 110V/60Hz
Rated Input 850Waltz
Tumble Material Stainless Steel
Drying Program

Cool(0-20mins), Warm(20-120mins), Hot(120-200mins),Air Dry(0-80mins)

Automatic shut -off function

Product Dimensions(W*D*H) 19.5*16*23.8 INCH / 49.5*41*60.5 CM
Product Weight 37.5 LBS / 17KG
Package Dimensions(W*D*H)  20.9 *17.1*26 INCH / 53*43.5*66 CM
Gross Weight 41.9 LBS / 19KG