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LG Electronics 55EA9800 cinema 3D 1080p curved OLED TV with smart TV



Remarkable contrast-rich pictures

Stunning design

Unexpectedly good audio


The curve is divisive

It's relatively expensive

Missing some catch-up TV

Our Analysis - LG Electronics 55EA9800 cinema 3D 1080p curved OLED TV with smart TV


LG's remarkably thin CURVED OLED Tv opens up a whole new possibility of style and style having a depth of only 4.5mm thick at its thinnest point. The brilliant technology of OLED enables an easier internal structure than traditional displays. With just two layers, the LG CURVED OLED Tv is unbelievably lightweight and wafer-thin.




The back panel is produced of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic, which LG says assists to add rigidity and help for the screen. We're willing to take their word for that, but we will say that the carbon fiber is actually a rather pleasing style touch with regards to appease. At its thinnest, the Tv has been just 4.3mm thick, despite the fact that it gets a fair bit thicker towards the commencement from the clear base, basically so there's somewhere to place all of the electronics. And, of course, there's the curve. It's far more subtle than you could anticipate, especially when viewed from the front. Viewed from the side, it is much more pronounced, but still nowhere close to what you may expect from some photos of the 55EA9800.






LG’s 4 Color Pixel technology adds a white sub-pixel towards the standard three color red, green and blue that enhances each color variety and accuracy. This significantly improves the OLED pixels’ ability to express the realistic colors and represents a giant step ahead of traditional displays. The four Color Pixel is LG’s one of a kind innovation for the following generation OLED Tv.




Because the initial display technology that makes it possible for self-lighting pixels to switch on and off individually, OLED delivers the initial "Infinite" contrast ratio. Contrast ratio measures the variability of the brightest whites on the screen towards the darkest blacks. Larger is superior, and "Infinite" has been not possible, till now. The deep blacks will seem to melt away, to get a higher sense of realism and depth on all content material.




LG offers you multiple ways to share your images from your trip, video from your child’s recital or your favorite song to your Television from a compatible device. No matter whether you produce a network together with your compatible devices, access content material stored in your LG Cloud or use an NFC tag to connect, LG makes it straightforward for you personally to share content with family and friends.




As a little of the background, you will discover basically two diverse technologies getting utilized inside the OLED screens at the moment. LG is using a so-called "four pixel" method, also named "white OLED". Other suppliers, for example Samsung, use an RGB-pixel method equivalent to plasma TVs.




The look in the EA9800 is just about as impressive as the picture top quality with its event-garde slight curvature. Using a depth of only 17 inches it is one particular with the thinnest TVs available. Since the EA9800 is so thin, the TV's stand is where all of the media connectivity happens. The stand then connects to the screen with a proprietary cable. The Tv is lightweight clocking in at only 38 pounds.

Panel Specifications

Screen size Class 55" class
Resolution 1920 x 1080p

Dimensions / Weight

Tv(WxHxD) 48.31" x 31.44" x 7.56"
Packaging (WxHxD) 52.32" x 35.43" x 11.46"
TV Weight 37.92 lbs


ENERGY STAR® Qualified Yes
Power Supply (Voltage, Hz) 100V ~ 240V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption Under 85W, Max 291W
Standby Mode 0.3W