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Alen Breathe Smart Air Purifier with Oak Color Front Cover 2-Pack

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Alen Breathe Smart Air Purifier with Oak Color Front Cover 2-Pack


Our analysis:


In an Alen Breathe Smart air purifiers for large rooms up to 1100 square feet. The Alen Breathe Smart attributes the best Alen has to offer for those looking to improve their indoor air high quality. Because the largest and most advanced of all Alen air purifiers, the Breathe Smart is quiet, yet effective adequate to purify the air in medium to big rooms rapidly and successfully.

Sophisticated capabilities are a staple of your new Alen Breathe Smart. From an Auto Mode that senses the degree of particulate in the air and adjusts filtration/fan speed accordingly as well as a filter life indicator primarily based off of actual usage to a Smart Sensor Air High-quality Light and built-in timer, the Breathe Smart makes cleaning your indoor air straightforward and practical. Beyond the easy-to-use controls, the Alen Breathe Smart air purifier is energy effective. Not only does the Auto Mode enable you to conserve power by operating at larger settings only when necessary, the Breathe Smart can also be Energy Star certified.


 It comes to removing allergens and indoor pollutants, the core of Breathe Smart’s filtration inside a HEPA style particle filter. A sizable particle prefilter traps factors like hair, dust bunnies along with other visible particles that may quickly clog a HEPA filter. The HEPA style media is electrostatic ally charged (related technology utilized in 3M Filtrate filters) to assist retain 99% of particles 0.3 microns or larger. Lastly, there is certainly an optional ionizer (like what you see in Blue air purifiers) that causes fine particles to clump and develop into a lot more simply captured by the filter. The ionizer produces no detectable ozone, and for further measures, is usually turned off with all the push of a button!


Alen Breathe Smart Air Purifier with Oak Overview:


In accordance with its consumer-friendly nature, Alen describes this air purifier as ‘quiet with a highly effective overall performance, featuring a basic design and style with intrinsic sensible sensor technology. The following can be a list of selection options included with this purifier,

• its maximum coverage, as pointed out, extends 1, one hundred square feet (2 air modifications per hour).
• Its advised maximum coverage, nonetheless, extends 430 square feet (five air modifications per hour).
• It is also approved for residential rooms, which means that it is appropriate for common consumer properties.


The Alen Breathe Smart is greatest suited for mid-sized rooms. In larger rooms, it will nonetheless clean the air, but not as rapidly as you may have to have. This unit's CADR ratings, which indicate how effectively the air purifier removes smoke, dust and pollen, are higher than a lot of other air purifiers for home use, and it's specially efficient at removing pollen. In actual fact, Alen is so confident in the Breathe Smart’s pollen-removal capability that the company provides a 60-day Allergy Relief Guarantee, promising to give you a full refund and pay for return shipping when you are not entirely happy with its capability to get rid of allergens.


Ease of use:


It is actually incredibly simple to use with large, intuitive push-button controls, active air high quality sensor, and filter life timer in addition to a magnetic front panel for effortless access for the filters. The Alen Breathe Smart air purifier consists of a HEPA-style filter for dust and allergen removal. It can be effectively suited for huge rooms as much as 1100 sq. ft. Now it offered in white and three additional style colors to match your décor.




The Alen Breathe Smart is definitely an outstanding air purifier, thanks to its strong functionality and excellent features. The unit has a higher noise level, but its sleep and night modes assist you handle the noise level when removing indoor pollutants. The air sensor aids to handle the Breathe Smart’s fan and functions with the filter monitor to maximize your filter's life. The filters this unit uses meet HEPA specifications, and correctly clean indoor air. The Alen Breathe Smart is amongst the very best air purifiers around the marketplace.


Design and build quality


Built with considerable plastic housing, Alen Breathe Smart air purifier is rather massive and tall at 45.1 (W) x 67.9 (H) x 25.4 (D) cm. The omission of casters tends to make sense because it is just not the heaviest in its class at 9.53 kg (Most Blue air and IQ Air purifiers exceed the ten kg mark). You might still easily carry this unit about together with the built-in deal with. Digital display with round touch buttons plus indicator lights are located in the top rated panel, a lot of air intake and outtake are surrounded at the side/ top from the air purifier. Filters are very easily changeable by way of the front magnetic cover and likely by far the most superb part of this air purifier would be the offered designer panels cover that we could personalize (check out the Dark Espresso Wood Grain) related to how we modify our cell phone cover.







Breathe Smart

Dimension (W x H x D)


45.1 x 67.9 x 25.4 cm
17.8 x 26.7 x 10 in



9.53 kg | 21 lbs

Body color


White, Dark Espresso Wood Grain, Graphite Carbon Fiber, Oak Wood

Applicable/ coverage area


102 m2 | 1100 ft2



YES / - / -

Humidifying filter/ life span/
replacement code


NO / - / -

HEPA filter/ life span/
replacement code


YES / 6 months / HEPA-Pure

Deodorization (active carbon) filter/
life span/ replacement code


NO / - / -

Other filter/ life span/
replacement code


6 - 8 months / HEPA-Fresh Plus
6 - 8 months / HEPA-Silver
6 - 8 months / HEPA-Odor Cell

Noise level (Min - Max)


41.5 | 44 | 50 | 56 dB

Airflow/ operation manual (Min - Max)


250 | 308 | 375 | 477 m3/h

Dust free Air Delivery Rate (CADR)


279 cfm

Pollen free Air Delivery Rate (CADR)


301 cfm

Smoke free Air Delivery Rate (CADR)


256 cfm

Power input/ Consumption level
(Min - Max)


64 | | 105 W

Humidifying (Tank capacity)


- L

Power cord length


- m

Alen Breathe Smart manual


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