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Multi-Carbon Air Purifier

Air Purifiers


Removes ultra-fine particles as small as 0.01 microns
Sterilizes bacteria, viruses, smoke, and other toxic fumes
Very quiet because there are no fans or motors


Removes particles from the air, but not from the room.
Particles land on floors, walls, & furniture and may be easily put back in the air.
Produces ozone as a by-product
Does not remove odor

Review Oransi Multi-Carbon Air Purifier


Oransi Multi-Carbon Air Purifier - One of the most Affordable Option You may Locate Out there


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Introducing Oransi Multi-Carbon Air Purifier


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Applicable area


48 m2

Anion output


>=8.0 x 106 ions /cm³

Ultraviolet light


6 W

Volume of water tank


2.40 L

Operating temperature

2 deg C ~ + 35 deg C