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Airpura P600 Plus Portable Air Purifier

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May include casters or handles

Huge variety of options available

Options for every budget


Only cleans the air in a single room

Quality varies a lot from one model to the next

Airpura P600 Air Purifier Overview:


P600 air purifier is manufactured and marketed by Airpura Industries Inc., in Quebec, Canada.

Airpuras are premium high-quality, metal-housed, higher priced air purifiers.

The P-600 is the company's new top with the line. Other models get started about $600.

It really is a UV600 upgrade with photocatalytic oxidation, supplying really thorough filtration of airborne chemical, particulate, and biological impurities.

I have located two references to laser particle tests of Airpuras displaying zero particle emissions at.3 microns. That is premium air cleaning, on a par with my top rated IQAirs.

Airpura Industries has been gradually developing, with escalating web presence and consumer search interest. Various net dealers have picked up the brand.

This is decent progress in a niche marketplace segment shared with some quality competitors.

So what does $1,000 obtain in a P600 air cleaner?

An abundance of Power:

Within a marketplace filled with huff-and-puff low powered pretenders, Airpura's new machine is very sturdy.


The fan and contemporary backward curved motorized impeller push 560 cubic feet per minute (cfm).

This can be not a CADR rating, it's the fan energy without having filters installed. Examine Austin Air and AllerAir, equivalent metal cylindrical air cleaners, at 400 cm every single without filters.

A variable speed manage makes it possible for an infinite number of speed settings and noise choices.

The manufacturer recommends the P600 by Airpura for rooms to 2000 square feet.

1 dealer's website reveals that this area size supplies air modifications every single 30 minutes, two air alterations per hour (ach).

Sorry, Airpura, but 2000 sq. ft. is usually a preposterous claim, and two alterations per hour just is not a correct basis for area size ratings.

Yes, I know many air purifiers are sold with exactly this kind of claim, which includes some direct competitors. But Airpura has constructed a reputation for "green" products, they should really also use accurate advertising and marketing.

For my advisable 6 ach, about 700 sq. ft. could be a fair maximum.

You will discover sensible limits to the efficient location a room air purifier can clean, regardless of how powerful the fan. This applies in particular for the concept that multiple rooms can be purified by a single machine.

A single user has expressed dissatisfaction with all the throughput of his Airpura, calling the airflow, even with filer train removed, "weak."

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The photocatalyst-carbon-HEPA combination is claimed to be helpful against;





Mercury vapor,




Butyl alcohol,

Carbon monoxide,

Exhaust fumes,

Molds and their mycotoxins,

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs),


Sulfur oxides,


Nitrous oxide,



And Chlorotoluene.

Effectively, soon after spending a week using my biochemistry textbook to get a pillow, I do not know if these claims is usually substantiated.

But Airpura P600 is actually a genuine contender within the VOC toxic chemical arena, where lots of poseurs lurk.

Let's examine the filter stack.




Powder Coated Steel


23"H x 15"W x 15"D


45 lbs

Shipping Weight

55 lbs

Noise Level

28.1 - 62.3 dBa