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Kingston Digital 480 GB SSDNow KC100 SSD SATA 3 2.5-Inch Solid-State Drive

Kingston Digital 480 GB


Very fast


None so far.

The Superior The Kingston SSDNow KC100 Upgrade Bundle Kit comes with all essential accessories for first-time SSD purchasers and offers rapidly overall performance.


The Undesirable The Kingston SSDNow KC100 Upgrade Bundle Kit is comparatively costly, especially for all those who don't have to have its accessories.


The Bottom Line The Kingston SSDNow KC100 Upgrade Bundle Kit makes a terrific obtain for first-time SSD upgrader.


Out from the box, the a extended list of items, which includes: a SSDNow KC100 drive, a USB enclosure with USB cable, a set of 3.5-ich brackets and mounting screws (for use having a desktop laptop or computer), SATA energy and information cables, plus a CD of drive cloning software. These are all you might want to upgrade a laptop laptop for the new SSD. Following that, it is possible to make use of the old tough drive as an external bus-powered challenging drive with all the USB enclosure.


The enclosure itself, unfortunately, does not support USB 3.0; just the good-old USB 2.0. This isn't a large deal, even though, because I suspect that most current computer systems that ought to be upgraded to an SSD never assistance USB three.0 anyway, and also the KC100's included Acronis-based bootable cloning CD doesn't assistance USB 3.0, either.


The SSDNow KC100 drive itself is extremely related to a normal 2.5-inch difficult drive, together with the identical dimensions and thickness. The drive's casing is made of strong aluminum painted to appear like plastic. The drive is about as heavy as a typical really hard drive and feels pretty solid.


Like many other SSDs, the SSDNow KC100 comes with overprovisioning. Overprovisioning is usually a function that enables the use of aspect of an SSD's storage space to enhance the drive's efficiency. This explains why the drive's capacities are 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB, in place of 128GB, 240GB, and 512GB within the case of drives never have this feature.





Kingston Technology

Device Type

Solid state drive - internal


480 GB

Form Factor

2.5" x 1/8H


Serial ATA-600


2.8 in


3.9 in


0.4 in