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B.C. Rich Draco Guitar

Draco Guitar






Neck-Through Construction


B.C. Wealthy utilizes neck-through on a lot of of their guitars, supplying the best attainable sustain, resonance, comfort and access to greater frets. This construction begins with premium North American mahogany and runs in the tip in the headstock for the end in the guitar. This implies that the headstock, fingerboard, pickups and bridge all are mounted to this single sound foundation. It really is a distinction you may hear. The neck-through building also makes it possible for the cutting away much more from the physique and neck at the neck joint, which provides comfort that no bolt-on or set-neck could supply.


Rockfield "Fat Ass" Pickups


The Rockfield "Fat Ass" bridge pickup's custom designed bobbins home bigger pole pieces that enable transfer string vibration from pulls, bends, and leads, so the user gets much less tonal drop-off and far better articulation through and through. The Rockfield FAT ASS includes a well-balanced general tone that's imply and bold, with main sustain, large bottom end, and cutting mids and highs.


The twin-rail neck pickup can be a lot like the bridge position "Fat Ass" in its agression, but custom wound with a small significantly less bite. It nonetheless provides great balance and sustain, having a huge low finish response and a good amount of scream.


Around the manage front you get a dual-duty push/pull volume knob for backing it off or selecting your pickup.

Beveled Top


Most of B.C. Rich physique designs employ a beveled edge around the shape, catching the light and reflecting at diverse angles, for any three-dimensional look. Some of the B.C. Wealthy top rated bevels are intense and wide, whilst other people are subtle and narrow. As you have most likely determined, the Draco falls under the "extreme" category--try to not hurt oneself.

Hey, Where's the Output?


That's a great question. It is lurking around the back with the upper wing, for a more comfy connection.






Body thickness


Headstock color


Neck binding





black chrome


1 volume


painted glossy