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Orange TH100 Thunder 100 Guitar Head

Guitar Head


Pro-level sounds and performance with much more versatility than the spartan control panel might initially suggest.


Even the lowest power setting will be too much amp for some players

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Do you require an amp that genuinely sets out the work? The Orange TH100 speaker head is a honest to goodness fire thrower. Orange has long been known for overpowering tones and in your face leads. The TH100 has most of this, notwithstanding variable yield control so you can use it before a group of people or as a piece of the studio. You can pick your sonic assault level, starting at an incredible swarm pounding 100 watts – or depending upon the gig, 70 watts, 50 watts, or the studio- and sharpen genial 35 watts. The TH100 accommodates both of you killer chan


Clean Channel: Volume, Bass and Treble controlsDirty Channel: Volume, Shape and Gain controls Half-power switch on front 2 or 4 power tube switch on rearFX Loop4 – 12AX7, 4 – EL34 and 1 – 12AT7100W, 70W, 50W or 35W


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In the event that a few clients of the TH30 feel headroom is failing to possess, there's unquestionably no such deficiency here. For players who have grown up with the vintage mash of Oranges, for example, the AD30's, regardless it amazing to hear an intensifier with this attire produce precious stone, nation style cleans at high volume with the power approaching that of a decent Fender Twin.


Piano-like bass and tolling top of the line are plentiful, however if you need the enhancer's clean channel to separation somewhat prior, exchanging down to 35-watts helps, despite the fact that its still a sound ideally equipped to bigger club stages at any rate. This colossal clean channel is an extraordinary clear canvas for stompboxes, whether they're put before the amp or in the decently carried on valve-driven circle.


On the filthy side of the mathematical statement, this monster conveys a portion of the greatest commute sounds that we've had the joy to witness lately. Nowadays, few players have encountered the physical impression of a 100-watt valve speaker running wrenched, however its something that each guitarist should attempt.


This current essayist's teen experience with a Marshall 1959 SLP at full bore was a training - at that kind of level the electric guitar gets to be more alive in your grasp than you suspected conceivable. The playing knowledge is likened to gator wrestling as you endeavor to keep even the most decently acted guitar under




Output Power

35, 50, 70, and 100 Watts


100w Valve




(W X H X D) 55x24x24cm,

Speaker Out

(1) 16 Ohm, (2) 8 Ohm