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Casio PX850 BK 88-Key Touch Sensitive Privia Digital Piano

Privia Digital Piano


Amazing sound quality


Came with full pedal set and nice stand


The keys feel rather cheap.



The lead of the new Privia line, the PX-850 has the propelled AiR sound set giving an extra level of authenticity, including fabulous piano top recreation and thoughtful reverberation. A blend of another console activity and an influential new sound motor give another level of subtle element, subtlety and interpretation for an unrivaled fabulous piano involvement in the classy outline that Privia is known for.




The honor winning great piano sound in Privia has been drastically made strides. The new PX-850 uses more than three times the memory of the past era for a more common piano tone. What's more, Casio's new exclusive sound source "AiR" (Acoustic and wise Resonator) gives unmatched authenticity and subtle element. This motor gives consistent elements to an amazingly expressive and influential execution. For further authenticity another Damper & String Resonance and Hammer Response test system gives the rich sound of the strings when the manage pedal is utilized.




The new PX-850 likewise emphasizes another upgraded 88 note Tri-sensor scaled mallet activity console. This new activity offers new reenacted Ebony and Ivory textured keys for an unbelievable feel and its three sensors catch the progress of an execution with unparalleled rate and precision. To further upgrade the experience, the activity and the sound motor mull over the pace at which diverse measured sledges move inside acoustic fantastic in respect to speed the keys are pressed, this timing subtlety gives a definitive key to sound experience.


Effective FEATURES


The PX-850 offers an amazing 256 notes of polyphony, and additionally a decision of instrument tones including strings, organs, electric pianos and bass. The PX-850 gives part and layer capacity permitting you to play bass in your left hand and have two layered tones in your privilege. Two part harmony mode parts the console into two equivalent extents, permitting understudy and educator to utilize the piano at the same time. A simple to utilize USB port and fabricated as a part of two track recorder can record and playback your practice and exhibitions. A 20W + 20W intensifier gives unbelievable sound and a customizable top can make the reverberation of a fantastic piano with the top totally open, mostly open, shut or uprooted. The matching console cover, stand and pedal board make this a complete advanced piano that is a welcome expansion to any home dècor.




Casio proceeds with the convention or giving "class consistent" USB integration on Privia advanced pianos. This permits Privia to be utilized with Mac or Windows PCs without the requirement for downloading drivers. Class Compliant USB MIDI likewise permits Privia advanced pianos can likewise be utilized as a controller the Apple iPad just with the utilization of Apple's Camera Connection Kit.




To replicate the sound of the finest acoustic amazing pianos, the new Privia arrangement gimmicks Casio's exclusive AiR (Acoustic and wise Resonator) processor. Getting to more than three times the memory of the past era, the AiR processor uses fantastic piano examples recorded at four motion examining to convey fabulous piano sounds with long regular rots and astounding statement. To further the amazing piano experience, AiR includes authenticity by reproducing the sound of the open strings when the dampers are raised by the pedal




Units Size

1,357 x 299 x 837 mm



Power Consumption

60 W


20 W + 20 W


12 cm x 2