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Rack-Mountable Digital Mixing Console

Bus Rack-Mountable Mixer



Ideal Digital Mixer

Input/Output Delays


Stereo Pairing

Easy to utilize

The M-380 V-Mixer is designed to be fast and intuitive to work with for the newbie or the knowledgeable qualified. It characteristics dedicated knobs and buttons for all console functions, 13 touch-sensitive moving faders, onboard Enable, huge - vibrant TFT LCD show and Cat5e connectivity for low cost installation and actually transportable systems.


Outstanding Sound Good quality

The M-380 is often a total digital solution maintaining 24-bit audio from the stage to the splits and back for the stage. Preamps on stage give the highest attainable sound quality and intelligibility. Cat5e snake eliminates the high frequency losses inherent in analog snakes. Onboard digital processing, channel DSP and routing eradicate any likelihood for buzzes from further cabling and analog to digital conversion losses. Built-in 24-bit recording gives lossless capture of live events. The Digital Split makes it possible for lossless transmission to monitoring, recording or broadcast positions. Bus and Key LRC return over Cat5e enables a comprehensive digital signal path back towards the stage.


Potent Digital Benefits

Immediately modify from occasion to occasion with 300 Scenes for total recall of all mixer, impact and routing parameters. Password level access delivers only the relevant controls for any specific variety of user. Pc application enables loading/saving setups at the same time as real-time manage. Libraries provide the ability to for storing custom channel, patchbay and impact settings. Direct to Pc recording over Cat5e enables up to 40 channels of direct digital recording.

RS-232 Control

Method integrators are able to create manage interfaces for the M-380 V-Mixer from industry typical method manage touch panels by harnessing the energy in the RS-232 connection around the M-380. Customers can recall scenes, adjust volume levels, mute channels or groups and manage dozens of other mixing parameters. The M-380 may be discreetly installed inside a hidden rack with all manage taking place from the interface designed by the program integrator.





Number of Channels

48 inputs, 18 buses, 8 MATRIX, 58 out

Sample Rate

48.0 kHz or 44.1 kHz

Signal Processing

24 bits

Internal processing

56 bits


20 dB ON / OFF

CONSOLE INPUT jacks (1 to 8)

14 k ohms

STEREO IN jacks (L / R)

10 k ohms


800 x 480 dots Wide VGA backlit TFT full color screen

Power Supply

AC 115 V, AC 117 V, AC 220 V, AC 230 V, AC 240 V (50/60 Hz)

Power Consumption

75 W


Power Cord

USB connectors

USB Type A and Type B

RS-232C connector

9-pin D-sub type