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Waterless Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Stainless Steel Cookware


Solid and sturdy; it appears well-made.

It is easy to clean

A large Dutch oven and skillet are included in the set


The sticker on the lid comes off easily with the heat.

Maxam KT17 is one of the waterless cookware brands with high buyer rating. For anyone who is just trying out waterless cooking for the first time, it is a good get for the price tag. You won’t want to devote more than a thousand dollars if you're new to this notion, not figuring out if you will like it. An even cheaper set than Maxam at the time of writing is definitely the Chef’s Secret KTSS22. Alternatively, for anyone who is definitely sold on the concept of this cooking strategy, then certainly, you ought to also explore the additional pricey options given that you'll be applying it each day for a extended time to come.


The difference comes down to two principal points. One, the a lot more pricey cookware may very well be a 7 or 9-ply construction in comparison with the 5-ply right here. Then, it could also be created having a different grade of stainless steel. SaladMaster, one example is, uses the 316 stainless steel combined with titanium for its interior. 316 is definitely far more pricey than 304 stainless steel, what additional when titanium is added into the mix. Two, is definitely the location of manufacture. American-made product will generally be much more costly while people will tend to associate it with better high quality and security.


So, the bottom line is when you believe a 304 stainless steel will not be great sufficient and also you believe far more in an American item, then check out the more expensive possibilities. Otherwise, the Maxam KT17 is enough for the daily cooking requires because it will provide you with nutritious and nicely cooked meals the waterless way as it is created for.


There has been considerably debate about waterless cookware and its advantages compared to standard pots and pans. Generally, the difference is that it utilizes a steam manage valve on its lid to perform the cooking by steaming the food. So, as an alternative to boiling your vegetables or frying your meat, you could cook your food utilizing tiny to no water or oil to get a healthier diet regime. The pieces for waterless cooking also want to possess a multi-ply construction using surgical stainless steel whereby the heat can travel up the sides to the major to ensure that you may stack yet another pot on top to cook around the identical burner, as a result decreasing your energy bill.


So, the key benefit is the fact that cooking without the need of water and on low heat utilizing the steam handle valve preserves the nutrients for the meals creating it healthier and tastier also. As a growing number of people today become much more conscious of not just what they eat, but also the utensils that they are employing, waterless cookware has gained a following.


If you need to attempt this option cooking approach, then Maxam KT17 is a good beginning point. For a 17-piece set, it truly is a minimum of reasonably priced and has tons of good reviews. Is is significantly less highly-priced than a All-Clad set and most likely in the exact same value variety as a Cuisinart bundle. Bear in mind that there are actually other waterless cookware inside the market like Kitchen Craft which sells a single sauce pan for more than $400. Should you come across it tough to justify spending that type of funds on pots and pans, Maxam is basically an option.


These are 5-ply pieces constructed making use of 304 stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. This material is also sturdy and quick to clean which can be why it really is generally utilized within the manufacturing of kitchen wares. On top of that, it has a 9-element encapsulated base with a thick aluminum disc for heat conduction and distribution. The valves around the lids are removable for cleaning.


This bundles contains sauce pans of 3 sizes with lids, a skillet, Dutch oven with lid, and double boiler. The remaining things are 5 egg cups along with a utility rack.





 Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware Set 5 Ply Composited Body 

Model number


Composite body



 SS 1.0MM lid


 Casting stainless steel handle with copper plating


 Casting stainless steel knob with copper plating


 Mirror polishing, outside with copper belt    


 Suitable for using on all gas, coal, electric, induction and ceramic cooktops etc


 1set/color box(white box),set/carton box, Or client demand.