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Amaron Go-BH 38B20R Go 12V 35Ah Front Car Battery

Top Amaron Car Battery


    -   12 to 15 percentage more energy efficient than other batteries
    -   Have higher load capacities
    -   More efficient to use in micro hybrid vehicles


  -  Suitable for micro hybrid vehicles

When it comes to car batteries you can go through for online shopping because this helps to offer a finest product like Amaron here are a few guidelines for getting the finest battery which suit your needs. This product is has superb proactive feature so being attentive to your car batteries upkeep and aware when the time for substitution is approaching will guarantee you can pick up a replacement on your own rapports, counting properly investigating and opportunely scheduling.

Amaron car batteries and other products like Inverters we are leading a top place. Our car batteries are developed with the purpose to organize the car components in a well condition and our amenities industries bring transparency in valuing and quality to the end customer.


Amaron is one of the most popular car batteries for automotive vehicles and is known for zero upkeep, high CCA and lengthy warranty years that last lengthier and actually longer. We are the largest manufacturer of reserve regulator Lead Acid batteries which are best for warn as well as cooler climates. We offer the judicious customer a wide range of world’s most dominant less maintenance car batteries. Our completely combined first-rate manufacturing amenity is located in the best place. Amaron batteries include the newest technical advances in the arena of confined power and are on parity with batteries factory-made and advertised all over the world.

There are over several productions of Amaron batteries are made and they are sold for numerous clients thus they used in vehicles as of today. Every single second we get a phone call and the orders are going on Amaron batteries being fixed in vehicles thus it increase the life time since it has high energy absorption lead batteries so worthy to buy. We offer you a wide choice of pioneering high class car batteries that are constructed to bring highest presentation for all varieties of cars. Amaron car batteries need only less maintenance, excellent enduring capacity and ensure smooth operative of your cars. Go onward; select a best car battery which is finest for your cars to safeguard a stress free road drive.

You all know Car Battery is like the heart of a car; your car will not start with good battery or without correct size and form. Our car batteries has innovative start-stop technique so it is worthy than any others. Our system for progressive start-stop vehicles combine with an increased power of12 voltage lithium-ion battery with a 12 voltage lead-acid battery to bring 5–8 percentage fuel reduced development over conservative vehicles. A battery for Hybrid Electric Vehicles like Amaron is always useful to cars. Today’s teens like to use this high-volt hybrid electric car battery system because it delivers better electric driving variety and up to 20 to 40 percentages high fuel economy than conservative vehicles.






Position Front
Stain Resistant? No
Assembly Required No
Voltage 12 Volts
Batter Required  1