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Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

Best Real Time GPS Tracker


   -  Effective tracking device.
   -  Very compact device and can be placed in hidden places


   -  Coverage area is low

Vehicle breakdown intimation gives the car carriers are very enormous vehicles and need expert respect when it examines. Presently, the spy GPS Pursuing devices can be effortlessly combined with fixtures such as anxiety button. So every time there is vehicle collapse, with a press of panic button, it alerts the operations team and repair operations can be initiated instantly. This comes only with Spy GPS Tracker. Transporters that carry automobiles from manufacturers to distributors through road are exceptionally heavy duty resonant possessions worth a large amount. Bigger trucks mean bigger safety difficulties on our freeways in positions of augmented demises and hurts and significant damage to our roads and bridges which threaten all motorists. Bearing in mind all the issues, vehicle transporters companies currently are choosing for GPS fleet tracing system for car movers.


Fitting the heavy carriers with all GPS Based Fleet Tracking System Spy GPS Tracker helps you in tracking effectively. Inspection of the real time position of the vehicle Spy GPS Tracker takes a special place. It is significant to identify the real time position of the vehicle whether the vehicle is affecting, wasting or parked. Any mistrustful vehicle action can be easily recognized and same can be closely connected to worried team. Police also reported that over-speeding was one of the details for such coincidences. So over-speeding of the vehicle has to keep on check. Using the following solution, one can fix the speed boundary for the automobiles. Once the means of transportation over-speeds above quantified speed, the same will be closely alerted to the troubled team and driver can be trained to slow down.

Estimate of driver occupied hours mostly these heavy transporters travel long distances. So the driver wants to segment the dynamic. We all recognize that most of the times, vehicle accidents happen for the reason that driver’s restless driving. Spy GPS Tracking Device can be integrated with alert set up. Employees are given a tracking device cards which they use to capture the information such as driver name, ID, start time of his duty, end time of his duty. Gathering all these information would instruct the processes team about the driver performance, make sure he does not do overdrive and he take enough rest before his next driving. The point of these actually isn’t to spy on your driver, but to help train them to be the best workers they can and keep your loveable ones safe.


Valuable insight can be expanded from how they group on a convinced give of road that will make them into more alert, better equipped drivers, which will aid them evade accidents in the forthcoming days. For spy gps tracker, this kind of logistics part can mean big investments in positions of way planning, vehicle maintenance, and general plan. They can also be obliging in the occasion of a crash as immune of speed, among other things. If you’re observing to top the exact locations and situation of your car at all times, consider our best Spy GPS tracking devices for cars.




Compact size

Product Dimensions 5.4 x 1.9 x 2.2 inches
Item Weight 8 ounces
Shipping Weight 8.5 ounces