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Bridgestone B290 TL 145/80 R12 75T Tubeless Car Tyre

Top Bridgestone Tubeless Car Tires


   -  Enhanced handling to any road condition
   -  Better for any climatic conditions
   -  Gives improved traction


   -  Cost is somewhat high

Tires sold from our company possess increased handling power so during your drive you can have better stability over roads. If you are living in a region that does not normally experience serious snow tires might not be the paramount choice for you. As an alternative option you are supposed to decide tires that offer superior grip in wet or rough road conditions so your tires have the toehold properties you want for better handling.

Take benefit of this foremost ease and get whatever you desire the tires are delivered to wherever you desire. Safety for drivers it had an excellent braking feature on wet surfaces, upright wet behavior and dry braking which possess superb dry decelerating. Vehicle offers short preventing detachment having noise control thus produce less noise. Overall our Tires 145/80 R12 gives best ride excellence plus it comes in market with modern design and wide look fit to all kind of vehicles. Attractive side wall design is another plus point and good mileage control offers fuel resourceful. Our superior type tire life has lengthy life when comparing to other model tires.

If you are driving your vehicle on a dry, wet or snowy road our all-season tires are appropriate for any state. In detail, for the reason that all-season tires are so trustworthy for your money they have become regular on the majority of vehicles sold crosswise the country.  

As the name of Tires 145/80 R12 B290 Tubeless Tires suggest these tires are intended for drivers who tread by means of both snow, dry and rain seasons.

If you live in a region that typically experience rough condition roads then you may feel a lot so with the availability of our tires you can make the best choice as per your need. As a replacement for, you must select tires that offer better grip in wet conditions subsequently that your tires have the grip and footing properties you want for better handling. For people who are living in cold climates with recurrent snow fall, steadfast winter grip tires are must, and investing in a place of winter tires are very much recommended. Without any chaos clients can purchase tires with the support of our inline experts.

Tire maintenance is necessary after fixing them in your vehicle our tires need less maintenance but you have to clean frequently. Take upkeep of your vehicles often and so it will take care of you during car drive. Our workers from our company gives you full support and a full-service so visit our tire center during the time of tire purchase where you not simply can pay money for your tires, but also get instant support for tire fixing and making wheel configurations. Learn about significant tire protection services by calling us. Look our company website for purchasing more and more brands of tires that definitely benefit you at even times.




Brand Bridgestone
Item Weight 4 Kg
Product Dimensions 53 x 53 x 16 cm
Tyre Type Tubeless
Included 1 Tubeless Car Tyre
Section Width 145 Millimeters
Aspect Ratio 0.8
Item Weight 4 Kilograms
Speed Rating T (Up to 190 km/hr)
Rim Diameter 12 Inches