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Razor full face youth helmet

Best Razor full face youth helmet


   -  Gives you supportable care while bike riding
   -  Protects your head from collision
   -  Comes with large and small sizes



  -  Maintenance is needed

Razor full-face helmet for adults comes with added pads for giving the user a security and relaxed fit available with 17 vent that guarantee to give user a cool texture at all times flexible visor with a band; spacious eye docks in motorcycle helmets are used with spectacles attached with CPSC values suits to head also the diameter of helmet ranges from 21.5 to 23 inch and suitable for age groups includes from 8 to 14 years old. . The major goal of a motorcycle helmet is to give protection to user’s face, head and neck during any impact, consequently avoiding or reducing most head injuries occurs during accident and saves the vehicle rider's life.


Different types of Razor full-face helmets can be seen in market since they are distinguishable to most consumers, and you can test the collision protection easily by referring the feedbacks given by clients so if you are willing to purchase the helmet go through our website and buy your favorite model. Consequently our motorcycle helmet industry uses standards to assign performance levels. Helmet technology has come an extremely long way from its formation. From being spongy leather padded head-covers to the present day elevated performance helmets, it is easy to know what the correct excellent a helmet offer to user. With hundreds of likely options obtainable, it is solid to actually know what can be the most excellent for your requirements. The primary oblige of a helmet is to stop shocking brain injury.


The foam layers in helmets are not crushable since they withstand even in strong collision. If you use a bike helmet made with the usual expanded polystyrene bubbles, the bubbles is trashed and you can't use it again. Our Razor full-face helmet is made especially for bike riders it has a slow bounce back squishy bubbles in inner layer also has prolonged polypropylene foam. Either these materials in our helmet improve gradually the user safety. Our helmets are accessible for clients at a sensible price and since it last for much longer days as the cover will not get cracked and the inside layers are not damaged.


There are always more than a few factors to take in when thinking about a Razor full-face motorcycle helmet for individual use.  Trust it or not, there are precise types of helmets supplied from our company which is used by different riders. Not all Helmets are created evenly or provide the similar protection and security features like our product thus our product has unique characteristics so it is worthy for everyone. Depending on your dissimilar needs and personal option, you can choose the correct helmet for manual use from our website.  If you are searching for particular styles to suit your personal preference, you still vital to take in care thought of what you mean on buying a helmet.




Comfortable fit

Yes,It comes with extra pads for a secure
Additional Features Adjustable visor and strap; spacious eye port for use with goggles Complies with CPSC standards
Fits head diameters 21.5 to 23 inches
Ages  8 to 14 years old
Domestic Shipping Item can be shipped within U.S.
International Shipping This item is not eligible for international shipping.
Item model number 97787-P