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Lodge P12SGR3 Pro-Logic Cast Iron Square Grill Pan

Best Lodge Pro-Logic Cast Iron Square Grill Pan


   -  Easy to cook foods and wash
   -  Non-stick coating is available
   -  Has lifetime warranty


   -  Scratches may occur after long usage

Lodge P12SGR3 Pro-Logic cast Iron square Grill pan is obtainable in our online website as 12-inch pre-seasoned cast-iron square grill pan; raised crest permit fat to deplete. Rough cast-iron manufacture heats gradually and evenly spread to all areas of pan so the food in it is cooked fast. It is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil recipe and prepared for instant use in kitchen. It has a long handle with gap for hanging, complement by aide handle. Pan has lifetime warranty; oven safety temperature ranges up to 500 degrees F. It is long durable also hand wash is better and clean only with warm water.


For a regular Lodge P12SGR3 Pro-Logic cast Iron grill pan not only the meat get grilled marks from where it is in direct contact with the hot metal grates, but the spaces in between will also be cooking and cooking is done fast through direct radiation from the hot coals or burners. It is this feature that allows you to obtain that grouping of charring and browning known as that provides grilled meat with such a complex, delicious, meaty flavor. Always the good options for cooking meat, frying egg and making cookies prefer to use Lodge P12SGR3 Pro-Logic cast Iron grill pan in your kitchens. You don’t give a high maintenance to this product after cooking is done just clean away with water. To make your kitchen look stylish and better get a grill pan which helps to augment the look of dining accessories you will need aids and fittings to complete your inside kitchen, including fixing of grill pan apparatus and make your kitchen qualified.


The aesthetics look of Lodge P12SGR3 pro-logic cast Iron grill pan marks evokes fond memories for a lot of people, so the food is good to eat. Studies have shown that when food looks better, people think the food taste better. This is why plating is so important in fine dining. However if grill marks don't tempt warm memories or you grew up with a grilled pizza then truthfully these just don't matter. On a flat pan, the burger will release fat and then better to fry in the fat. It is just a best taste. Of course healthier foods you can eat and just try a different one in life.


Save much money on restaurant food when you have your own little courtyard cooking and dining part in your backyard, why would you need to go out to a restaurant to eat? Eating out at restaurants can drain your bank account pretty rapidly, especially if you go out to eat on a regular base. Every time you decide to eat at home rather than go out for a night dinner on the town, you need to spend much money but with the use of a single Lodge P12SGR3 Pro-Logic cast Iron grill pan you can eat variety foods similar to restaurants.





12-inch pre-seasoned cast-iron square grill pan
Warranty Lifetime limited warranty
Product Dimensions 115 x 10.5 x 1.8 inches
Item Weight 8.7 pounds
Shipping Weight 9.5 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
Shipping Advisory

This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order. Additional shipping charges will not apply.