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Gotham Steel Ceramic and Titanium Nonstick Double Grill pan

Best Gotham Steel Ceramic and Titanium Grill pan


   -  Gives you better cooking experience
   -. Available with Titanium nonstick coating
   -  Deep-fry is possible


 - Not any

Gotham Steel clay and Titanium nonstick double grill has coated surface so easily to clean also rust proof since it doesn't peel off with regular usage and washing with pre heat grill pan on high, medium or before use for equally distribute heat and correctly cooked foods. Includes shielding handle cover 11 inch square grill pan must be hand washed and dried carefully to shield excellence and flavor.


A hot grill pan absorbs heat soon on the other hand you can make cook using this due to fast absorption of heat energy. There is a small amount of radiation coming out of the valves from hot grill pan, but an intense heat is taken by this grill pan foods will be cooked faster without the presence of oil or butter. If you plan to cook for large crowds, you will need a larger size, but if you just cook for your relations, invest in a lesser amount so without time delay buy a Gotham Steel clay and Titanium Nonstick double grill pan.


Likewise, if you place a steak on a hot grill pan, it will char where it is in contact with the metal, but it will barely brown where it's not. The flavor is noticeably less meaty as a result. This can be mitigate to a degree by rotating the meat on the grill pan a few time as it cooks in order to widen the heat out and give it some better browning, and to preheat the pan over high heat for a very long time of course, you'll also smoke out your apartment doing this.


The latest innovation in cookware, the double grill is dual sided, one side a flat griddle and the other leveled grill. It has Titanium Ceramic coating allowing non-stick and super durable. Every time when you make use of grill pan you love the experience plus year after years of working in your kitchen lately acquiring a vacation house to build one of your need people are giving first preference to Gotham Steel clay and Titanium nonstick double. The cooking plan may be any of your choice but it includes various types and you can make use of grill plans not only to cook food but also for making better experience in kitchen. 


The Gotham Steel Double Grill has a heat withstanding capacity. Just place it on the rack and start grilling your preferred meats or vegetables fried rice without worrying that they will fall between the gaps. Use your Gotham Steel Double grill in the oven for making pizza, cakes or cookie sheets. Bake vegetables, fish or even desserts and watch how they slide right out. It is square in shape that allows you to cook more food than cooking in traditional round pans. You no need to pour oil, no butter or no seasoning because the grill pans are completely non-sticky.




Product Dimensions

12.4 x 11.4 x 0.6 inches
Item Weight 2.6 pounds
Shipping Weight 2.6 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
Manufacturer Gotham Steel
Features Grill on 1 side and griddle on the other Grill steaks, fish, hot dogs, chicken and use the griddle to fry bacon or eggs