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Teal Blue Glass Mosaic Jar Table Lamp

Best Teal Blue Glass Mosaic Jar Table Lamps


  -  Lamp is power efficient

  -  Bottom size range about 16inches and 11inches

  -  It has crystal clear glass bulb


  -  Cost is little high

Teal Blue Glass Mosaic Jar Table Lamp is power efficient lamp that has 26 1/2inch high and the shade is around 14inch crossways the topmost area. The bottommost size range about 16inches and 11inches is on the angle. It takes one 150 watt regular for a base bulb when it is on or off condition. This product gives a beautiful look thus if you keep this product in bedroom it really looks pretty.


It is crystal clear in look so the light inside glass will be clearly visible outside which spreads its brightness all the areas of your bed room. The glass mosaic jar plays delightfully with light, with numerous little prisms intense light up into a range of colors. It also makes a dappled result through a room, and when the crystal ruins sway, you get a result suggestive of a bright summertime’s day like a stream. Glass table lamps are almost mesmerizing to watch and use in your room.


Apart from any other material glass materials are translucent, means that it permits light to pass over, but the light becomes dispersed outside. In other words by using our Teal Blue Glass Mosaic Jar Table Lamp people can see light next through, but you cannot see clearly throughout the material. This wonder is widely applied by table lamps, for instance, with surfaced paper lamp glooms well thus by producing more nice-looking light source. Other supplies include white glass and numerous fabrics, and work fine because they unclear the light bulb, and almost turn into a more thought-provoking light cause in themselves.


 The teal blue glass mosaic tiles table stand looks like jar-shaped base. The color available is white drum shadow, brushed with steel finish inflections. This dazzling blue glass mosaic lamp can be obtainable with dual per piece looks like a painting in your home. Teal glass mosaic tiles shield the jar style base that is capped by a brittle white cylinder shade. These table lamps will aspect right at home on a comfort can be kept over your table, near bed, night stand or on your cupboard it looks pretty. Affordable at online with an animated modern profiles and individual designer textures are now obtainable from the 360 lighting set. Expressive contemporary profiles and characteristic designer varnishes are now presented from our website with the 360 Lighting collections. 


Our table lamp designers have produced unbelievable ideas when planning to design this decorative Teal Blue Glass Mosaic Jar Table Lamp. This lamp have limited illumination worth in a home but used as a home decoration, and they can actually capture the care of anybody going a bedroom. If you are trying to enhance some focus to your inner design, an attractive table lamp is one of the maximum impressive, and cost operative ways of attaining it. Whether you’re chic is old-style or modern, there are numerous outstanding benefits to choose from.





360 Lighting
Part Number A-2053T-5
Color Blue
Shape Drum
Finish Glass
Maximum Compatible Wattage 150 watts
Shade Color Blue
Shade Material Glass
Wattage 150 watts