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Libby 3-Light Industrial Console Lamp with Edison Bulbs

Top Libby 3-Light Industrial Table Lamps


  -  Available with Edison bulbs

  -  Has 30inch high x 8 1/4inch round base

   - Bronze finished metal construction


  -  Continuous usage can leads to bulb overheat

Most clients wish to use a decorative table lamp in their home. Most of us decor homes by using Libby 3-Light console table lamp because it has a few nice things on show with no drive other than to look nice, but for the prevalent of us, the things we require in our bedroom must have a beautiful look. Of course, that does not mean they cannot be aesthetically lovely at the same time it needs to give a custom look. A table lamp should look beautiful and comfortable so you need to choose a best illumination tastefully.


Libby 3-Light Industrial Console Lamp takes the function of lighting to an advanced level, in addition to providing ornamental value. You will find a collection of eye-catching thing and practical adjustable table lamps at best price. Each of our table lamps is designed to provide a medium height at a particular angle, as well as they add additional beauty to your home. Some of our Libby 3-Light Industrial Console table lamps have a pretty 3 glass bulb that adds loveliness to your room.


Also this lamp is available in a variability of styles and surfaces to accolade the decor in your bed room, dining room, hall and home office. It is made from glass mosaic and its styles range from modern to model, with perfect finishes of amber seeded glass along with 3 pillar bulbs.  It can be kept on any table as per your wish since is long durable and also you can place this in adjustable table as per your bed height so the brightness will be easily visible all through your room.


The whole lamp appears like a pillar shaped structure with three supportable lamps by bronze texture, and has a metal finish. This table lamp will add old-fashioned manufacturing style that is appropriate to your inner bedroom or interior home design. Price is also earnest for customers. The lamp has a three stunned bronze surface pillars that are topped with attractive orangey shade of glass. The industrial appearance of this comfort table lamp is armor-plated by the presence of three traditional look Edison style bulb is included.


But, you don’t have to stop there. Use singly, in pairs or take advantage of the design benefits of an adjustable floor lamp and its matching desk or table companion for more possibilities. Place a swing-arm lamp over a sculpture or figurine next to a chair or sofa, and you have a lamp that can do double-duty. An adjustable desk or table lamp is perfect for displaying small objects, such as figurines or pictures in just the right light.


Beautiful in its size and function bright color lamps are certain to meet your desire for illumination with realism and elegance. Designing with these multipurpose lamps is humble. Place this lamp on an adjustable desk otherwise on any flat surface, including a pound, storeroom or ordinary table for a touch of cleverness.  It can be kept near sofas, love seats or seats, in room corners or behind any objects where a table will not fit or then is not hands-on. It is a standard table lamp that will be a good option for all status people and also people can gift this lamp to their friends which is almost a best gift.





Brand Franklin Iron Works
Part Number T06127-1
Style Contemporary
Color Brown
Finish Bronze
Number of Lights 3
Maximum Compatible Wattage 40 watts
Shade Color Brown