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LED Desk Lamp

Top LED Desk Lamps


  -  Pleasing to your eyes

  -  Available with 3 color temperature modes

  -  Light does not emit UV rays

  -  1-year warranty


   -  Heating may occur

LED Desk Lamp has ALZN eye-caring lamp Light has clean, modest lines, this characteristic lamp will attractively illuminate any desk, table or nightstand. Looks like eye-caring because of its available luxe lamps that has a natural feature with power packed led lighting free from glare emit only a little amount of heat. It does not emit UV rays because they are free from damaging rays also blue light is used and they are completely modifiable. When you are working in front of this lamp it helps to reduce eye strain while reading, working or studying. Adjustable brightness and color temperature: with led desk lamp you can completely customize your illumination to suit your requirements. Select from 3 color temperature modes reading, study, diminish; 5 changeable illumination levels for each method.


Any angle adaptable: sturdy, hard-wearing and supple with a 180° rotatable silicone gooseneck tube to regulate its elevation and viewpoint. Energy efficient and extended lasting and the desk lamp is valued to protect 80% on your electrical bills when compared to a non-led lamp. Compared with USB lamp, the device has lengthier life span and it is safe. As it is presented in study, USB lamp has a life distance of lone two years.


When you are going to buy a superb model touch control here with 3-color modes temperature then select from dimmable with 5 levels of illumination to outfit your activities. Any light angle bulb made with a tough hard shell external and with a supple gooseneck neck, you can regulate the light to the viewpoint that is correct for you, the adaptable head can alternate 180 degrees so you can gleam a light on everything. Light looks like eye caring project to be lenient, stable and non-flickering, the illumination is welcoming on your eyes consequently you can relish what you are undertaking for longer. Touch controls slide using your fingers along with the touch pad to set the intensity level and the illumination mode of your desire. It is suitable and stress-free than glancing a light switch.


To make your home simply decorative lighting place this LED Desk Lamp which is designed chiefly to deliver usable brightness, but slightly to aid as a designed part in itself. It is the contrary of ambient lighting and instead of offering an adjustable brightness that spread all the places of your bedroom, the light makes you to get a comfortable mood and when it is switched on light background looks very beautiful and makes the table pretty so you can observe a very good feel. Think about buying our decorative LED desk lamp as an adornment in home that ensues to light up, and you are closely attracted to this lamp. By using this LED desk lamp you can refresh your workplace and make it appear like new room with the presence of this modern lamp.




CLASSIC DESIGN High quality, High-end atmospheric grade. with clean, simple lines, this classic lamp will beautifully illuminate any desk or nightstand
EYE-CARING Luxe lamps feature natural LED lighting free of glare, produce little heat, don’t emit UV, are free of eye-damaging blue light, and are fully adjustable; all to help reduce eye strain while reading, working or studying.
ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS & COLOR TEMPERATURE With LED desk lamp you can completely customize your illumination to suit your needs. Select from 3 color temperature modes-Reading, Study, Relax; 5 adjustable brightness levels for each mode
ANY ANGLE ADJUSTABLE Sturdy, durable & Flexible ,with a 180° rotatable silicone gooseneck tube to adjust its height and angle
Item Weight 2 pounds
Product Dimensions 7 x 15 x 6 inches
Item model number A-84
Assembled Height 6 inches
Assembled Width 15 inches
Color Temperature 2200 Kelvin