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Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

Electric cars


Tax breaks

Higher gas mileage

Typically higher resale value

Save on fuel


Higher purchase cost

Expensive maintenance

Less power

Poor handling

Completely worth it! By no means have any product that makes me that satisfied and it is also helpful!

I create this soon after possessing the board for 7 months. And not like other toys that I lost interest in soon after a while, I really like for boosted just grows daily. I can't live devoid of it now. I typically volunteer to perform my household members' bidding simply to have excuse to acquire out with all the board. On weekdays, it enables me to take public transit without worrying not finding a bike rack around the train and having to wait for the following 1. And I arrive at operate in style and using a significant smile.

3 things that set the boosted dual+ apart (you'll find millions of items that sets it apart but these 3 are most significant).

A single could be the reversible drive. This one particular can be a should have! Because so as to come to a full cease going downhill and to have pretty fine manage of braking, you will need a symmetrical motor which you could drive reverse as potent as you drive forward. Motorized skateboard just isn't like a car or truck where you have disc brake, so you have to drive backwards to compensate for the forward momentum. Possessing reverse drive also allow you to complete the advance trick like the 180 turn or slide out.

Second is the remote! It's spring loaded and it needs progressively additional force to turn it further and further. And this tends to make the best sense, for the reason that you will want it to feel extra resistive as you go more rapidly and faster. This gives you an additional dimension of mental feedback, so by feeling the force your thumb apply on the turning wheel, you kinda really feel the speed in your hand as well. This is a very overlooked essential aspect which you should think about. I don't care if it is a Lamborghini but if they provide you with crappy control the entire encounter will suck. Plus the boosted may be the Lamborghini using the best handle!

Third is definitely the tremendous torque and power it offers so you can climb the steepest hill in SF, and safely go down the exact same steep hill. Obtaining a prime speed is one particular point, but obtaining the power to attain it promptly and smoothly can also be important. In the event you had been doing a 0-20 type of test on all the e-boards, I will bet dollars on boosted to win with a wide margin. This is the thrill that justifies its premium more than other brands for me.

Other issues to consider:

Variety, alright, only 6 miles. When you've got to complain about boosted, this is almost certainly the only aspect you might complain. Even so, in case you are a light weight guy like me (135 lb) you'll get 8 miles on flat terrain going at moderate speed (12 miles per hour). You may experience shorter range in the event you go on group rides, and that is due to the fact you may go faster and on the longest stretch of uninterrupted route than your standard everyday commute. On the other hand, immediately after possessing the boosted for 7 months, I've never run out of juice. And if they come up with a lot more efficient battery I will rather they lower the weight and keep the present range.

Weight, 15 lbs. Practically nothing a lot of to complain. I want it to be 5, but that's not attainable. 15 doesn't bother me that considerably. Plus there is numerous method to carry the board like rolling it like a luggage.

Experience the ride is superb! You'll be blown away (actually, so be cautious) by its unreal acceleration. However this awesome energy is quite contained that in turns it empowers you, to hold a lot power in your hand and but be capable of handling it smoothly. The flex is perfect for me. Soft sufficient to feel like snowboarding even though making significant turns at higher speed or carving.

Lastly, the cost is really a bit hefty, but I consider this can be the best I could come across. And if I amortize it over two years. It is only a number of bucks each day. Entirely worth every penny of it.




Max Speed

22 mph


6 Miles



Uphill Climbing

25 Percent Grade

Powerful Braking


Steam Boiler

32oz = 0.95L (900W)

Charge Time

60 min