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Electrolux EWFLS70JIW 4.42 cu. ft.

Best washer and dryer


Adjustable Settings

Clean Clothes Well

Energy Efficient

Large Capacity


No  cons

Electrolux EWFLS70JIW 4.42 cu. ft.


When it comes to choosing the best washer that you can ever use for your clothes, especially during those times where you don’t have the time to scrub it, then be sure to check out this amazing model that will surely represent its brand when it comes to the skill of washing the laundry. This washing machine is known to clean up any kinds of laundry like clothes, suits, jeans, whites, active wear, and even your child’s favorite stuffed toy.


I put it on the top of the rankings after some really deep exploring of the internet. My estimation is basically based on everything you can imagine, from the design, specifications and features to the actual reliability. In this area the best thing to do was to actually read lots of reviews of people who owned this model. As you can see, this model did pretty well.


You may or may not hear the following sounds from your new washer


A. DRAIN HOSE The washer has a fl exible drain hose to carry water from the washer to the stand pipe of your home. You will hear water


fl owing into your stand pipe. This is a normal part of the operation of the washer.


B. WATER VALVES/DISPENSER As water enters the dispenser system, it is common to hear a water fl owing sound. This normal sound will


vary slightly based on the water pressure in your home.


C. DOOR LOCK Your washer is equipped with a door lock with an electric solenoid. There will be a clicking sound as the washer door is being locked or unlocked.


D. DRAIN PUMP Your washer is equipped with a high velocity drain pump. It is normal to hear humming and gurgling sounds as water is

pumped from the washer. Both of these sounds are normal and indicate that your pump is functioning correctly.


E. HIGH SPEED MOTOR A powerful motor is used to drive the drum to high spin speeds to extract water from your load. You will hear a sound associated with these higher spin speeds. This sound is normal and will vary slightly as the spin speed varies with load size and cycle selected.


Sort laundry into loads that can be washed together. Sort items by recommended cycle and water temperature.


Separate white, light and colorfast items from dark and non-colorfast items. Separate items that shed lint from items that attract lint. Casual, synthetic, knit, and corduroy items will pick up lint from towels, rugs, and bedspreads.


Separate heavily soiled items from lightly soiled items. Separate lacy, sheer, loosely knit, or delicate items from durable items. Do not machine wash items containing fi berglass. Small particles of fi berglass left in the drum may transfer to fabrics in other loads and cause skin irritation or damage to fabrics.


Empty pockets.


Brush off lint and dirt. Shake out rugs and beach towels. Close zippers, fasten hooks, button buttons, tie strings and sashes, and remove non-washable trims and ornaments. Mend rips and tears to prevent further damage during washing. Turn knit items inside out to prevent pilling.


Place delicate and small items such as bras, hosiery and baby socks in a mesh bag.





Capacity: 5.1 cu. ft. IEC / 4.42 cu. ft. DOE
Wave-Touch Electronic Controls with LCD Display: Yes
Perfect Steam Wash System: Yes
Perfect Balance System: Yes
Luxury-Quiet Sound Package: Yes
Luxury-Design Lighting: Yes
Touch-2-Open/(Close) Door: Yes
Luxury-Glide Touch-2-Open/(Close) Dispenser Drawer: Yes
Full Fabric Stain Removal Guide: Yes
Expert Care Wash System: Yes
Integral Water Heater: Yes
Stainless Steel Wash Drum: Yes
Temperature Control: Automatic
Water Level Adjustment: Automatic
Auto Prewash Detergent Dispenser (Liquid/Powder): Yes
Auto Bleach Dispenser (Liquid Only): Yes
Auto Detergent Dispenser (Liquid/Powder): Yes
Auto Fabric Softener Dispenser: Yes
Tumble Speed (RPM): 48-52 Variable
Spin Speed: 1,400 RPM
Reversible Door: Yes
NSF Certified (Allergen and Sanitize): Yes

Cycles / Options

Total Cycles Available: 92
Specialty Cycles: 9
Individual Custom Options: 69
Wash/Rinse Temperature Combinations: 9
Temperature Selections: 6
Add Steam: 8
Spin Speed Selections: 6
Soil Level Selections: 6
Delay Start (Hours): 22
End-of-Cycle Chime: Adjustable

Installation Options

Freestanding: Yes
Under Counter: Yes (Requires Custom Built Countertop)
Stacked (Under Dryer): Yes
Pedestal: Yes
Hidden (In Closet): Yes
Second Floor: Yes


Power Supply Location: Top Right Rear
Water Inlet Location: Top Left Rear
Voltage Rating: 120V / 60Hz / 15A
Connected Load (kW Rating) @120 Volts: 1.4 kW
Watts @ 120 Volts: 1,000 Watts
Amps @ 120 Volts: 12 Amps

Dimensions and Weights

Width: 27"
Depth: 31 1/2"
Depth with 90° Door Open: 50 5/8"
Height: 38"
Approx. Shipping Weight: 247 Lbs.