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Quickmill Andreja Premium Espresso Machine

Best drip coffee maker


Beautiful machine, sturdy good looks and high quality construction

Easy access everything – the Andreja Premium is a tinkerer’s dream

Consistently good espresso shots, time after time

Backflushing is easy

HX machine lets you pull shots and steam milk simultaneously


Takes ~15-30 minutes to heat at start up, but after that it’s good to go

The Bottomline

Want an espresso machine that is the best bang for the buck in the Semi-Automatic Heat Exchanger Category?  If so, the Quick Mill Andreja Premium is perfect for you.

The Quick Mill Andreja Premium is a heat exchanger semi-automatic espresso machine featuring quality construction at an excellent price; it features a 52 watt Ulka vibratory pump, a 1400 watt heating element, and insulated 1.6 liter copper boiler.  The on board E-61 brew group has been an industry standard for years and this superior boiler design will continue to dominate the upper tier of home and small restaurant Espresso Machines which means parts and accessories will always be available. The cup warming tray features a hinged top cover that allows easy access to the 3 liter water tank.  

An optional kit allows direct connection of the machine to water lines.  This is one of those features that you'll never no how you lived without it until you've tried.  E61 Groups require more than a little flushing while dialling in their initial espresso shot temperatures and if the machine is left idle for a period, they require a new round of flushing.  This uses more water than you think and having your machine hooked directly into your plumbing, coupled with the large 34 ounce drip tray, means is one less thing you need to worry about.

No Burn Steam Arms and separate hot-water arms set this unit apart from most other comparable products.  Double insulation allows the barista to grab either arm at any point without the fear a being burned.  Moreover, an optional multi-directional joystick steam and hot water assemblies are available, allowing the user to swivel the arms to any location AND operate with a simple pull of a lever instead of turning knobs.

Best for home, office, small restaurant (output capacity of 20 Espressos per hour).

A Great Machine for a great price that will serve you for many years and many espressos down the road! 



9 x 15.75 x 15.25 (H) in


38 lb


Semi-automatic: lever



Water Reservoir:

3 L

Steam Arm:

One, stainless steel, swivel


1400 heating element




20 espressos per hour

PID Temperature Controller:        

Single (upgrade for double)


58 mm