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Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine

Budget thermal coffee maker


Great coffee

Large Pot

Multiple Settings

Easy to Use


Beep Wakes The Dead

Long Brew Time

Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Super Automatic Espresso Machine is often a professional grade machine created for the busy coffee lover

Double Boilers: The Accademia is equipped with two separate boilers created from stainless steel for brewing and steaming without having any downtime. No waiting is required in our quite impatient culture.

Built-in Ceramic Burr Grinder: Created of ceramic, the grinder is in a position to generate eight coffee grounds from coarse to fine for unique brewing methods beyond just espresso. The ceramic could be the very best material within a coffee grinder as it’s quite sturdy and does not compromise around the aroma and excellent on the grind. The hopper size is 12.3 ounces having a seal to help keep the coffee fresher longer. The added-bonus may be the by-pass desire in case you’d prefer to try some pre-ground coffee or decaf.

54 Oz Water Tank and Hot Water Dispensing: It is not super-large in size but large sufficient to brew a couple of cups of espresso devoid of the need to have to refill. You may use a water filter to reduce the need to have of descaling at the same time as enhancing the taste of your brew with no chlorine in tap water. The hot water dispensing outlet is handy to create hot tea or hot cocoa.

Exceptional Customization: It enables personalization with the quantity of coffee, strength, pre infusion time, volume, temperature and milk frothing. The factory default setting is on “Medium” for anything, but it is possible to adjust some or all from minimum to maximum with all the touch of a handful of buttons.

Adjustable Brew Spout: One of your most significant complaints in lots of espresso machines in the marketplace would be the restricted clearance among the brew spout and also the cup. The Gaggia 1003380 solved the problem by an adjustable height from three to six. Five inches. This accommodates a lot of the cups.

Separate Milk Frothing Wand: A lot of the super-automatic machines offered lack this feature. Getting the external steaming wand sets it apart from numerous competing models. The milk carafe is very uncomplicated to hook into the unit and removable for storing in the fridge until the subsequent use. The carafe also has the minimum and maximum lines for filling with cold milk.

Two Drip Trays: There are internal and external drip trays to catch water from auto-rinse and accidental spill.

Removable Brew Group: This really is a rare feature that presents various added benefits for instance quick cleaning and upkeep. In addition, it saves you cash in shipping in the event that it has to be shipped towards the element repair shop for service due to the fact you don’t have to ship the complete unit.

Utilized Coffee Bin: It makes it possible for as much as 15 pucks ahead of emptying it.
Standby and Power Saving Mode: A standby mode will kick in right after 60 minutes of inactivity. As such, either boiler is not heated and all of the devices are turned off. The 60-minute is often reprogrammed for longer (up to 180 minutes) or shorter (15 minutes) according to your wants.


To brew a cup of espresso or yet another sort of drink, all you should do is usually to locate a cup or two beneath the brew spout. Choose the acceptable button, for instance, Espresso when for a single cup or twice for two cups. The unit will start grinding the programmed quantity of coffee from 7 to 10.5 grams or 0.25 to 0.37 ounces followed by brewing. You will find eight settings for the grinder. Adjust it in line with your brew. Espresso grounds need to be fine, but not the finest for finest extraction. Play with all the settings to get a few brews until you locate the perfect dial quantity. It'll shut off automatically after the brewing is completed or you might press the Stop button anytime.


Frothing is accomplished through one particular of two techniques. The very first a single is the pre-programmed frothing and let the machine do its trick. If you’d like to handle the steaming method, there is an external frothing wand. This is one particular from the finest differentiating characteristics in this Accademia as most of the super-automatic units are usually not made with such. This will undoubtedly aid resolve the issue of milk not becoming hot enough for Lattes or Macchiatos by frothing the milk longer until it reaches the desired temperature. You might adjust the milk amount by pressing the “+” button.
By the way, the frothing wand is of commercial top quality and grade with 5 inches clearance between the tip of the wand and the counter.
Show & Manage

This machine is equipped with push-button show organized as such: from the top and left to bottom and right:

• Calendar/Timer shown as Minute/Month/Year and timer
• Four buttons as Exit, Scrolling/Selection for Machine Menu, Scrolling/Selection for Beverage Menu and Selection/Confirmation button.
• Beverage Menu: Espresso, Coffee, Long Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Hot Milk and


Hot Water

The Machine Menu enables you to select features including Cup Warmer On/Off, EComode On/or Off, Display Language, Calendar, Water Settings (hardness and filter) and Machine


For each beverage type, you have the ability to reprogram the menu, for instance, the coffee quantity, pre-brewing or pre-infusion time, coffee temperature, coffee length or water volume, milk length and milk foam. There's a factory default setting to restore towards the programmed setting in case you mess up.

The User Manual walks you through each setting on how to reprogram to satisfy your preference.




Gaggia Accademia Super Automatic Espresso Machine Stainless / Silver



Drink type

Cappuccino and Espresso


Espresso Machines with Frothers


Automatic Espresso Machines



Home or Commercial


Voltage (volts)


Manufacturer's Warranty

1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

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