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Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center

Best grind and brew coffee maker


Small (compared to other super autos)

 Fast (both in delivery of the final product, and in usage)

Delicious output (with some tweaking)

Lots of options to make drinks customized to your taste


Kind of tall

Downsize to Simplicity

JURA is proud to present the world’s smallest One-Touch automatic cappuccino machine: the new ENA Micro 9 1 Touch. This machine is really 11% shorter than the compact ENA line. Its smaller design aids it makes an actual influence, which is further reinforced by the stylish Micro Silver color.

Smallest One-Touch automatic cappuccino machine

Even when space is at a premium, the ENA Micro 9 is still able to provide lovers of specialty coffees with maximum enjoyment. The newly created brewing unit, which has been specially engineered to get a single cup, tends to make this the world’s smallest automatic machine which is capable of preparing a cappuccino and a latte macchiato in the touch of a button without having your possessing to move the cup.
Dimensions (W x H x D): 9.06 x 12.72 x 17.52 in

Simple operation



The operation is so straightforward that it may be summed up in two words: Press - enjoy. The easy-to-understand symbols and ergonomically arranged buttons provide you with exactly what you desire with no any fuss. The visitors light display (green = prepared, yellow = programming mode, red = prompt to take action) plus the Rotary Switch for custom settings make the machine pretty intuitive to utilize.

Wide range of specialties


JURA is truly raising the bar and its ENA Micro 9 One Touch gives an impressive range of specialists at the simple touch of a button: latte macchiato, cappuccino, cafe crème, and espresso, hot water serving. The newly created micro brewing unit ensures espresso quality of the highest typical.

Incredibly simple height-adjustable dual spout

The state-of-the-art fine foam technology turns out specials topped with milk foam that could only be described as a luxurious treat. The dual-sport, which can be height-adjustable on a continuous scale (two - 5. Four in), capabilities separate coffee and milk pipes to ensure excellent hygiene.

JURA requirements

• Variable brewing unit (6g to10g)
• Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System
• Powder recognition for ground coffee
• Hot water function
• Cappuccino frother
• Height-adjustable coffee spout
• Energy Save Mode (Power Save Mode, E. S. M. ©)
• Multilevel conical grinder
• CLEARLY filter cartridge
• High-performance pump, 15 bar
• Thermo block heating program
• Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling system
• Adjustable water hardness
• Zero-Energy Switch

Particular Advantages

• Latte macchiato at the touch of a button
• Cappuccino in the touch of a button
• Intelligent preheating

Settings and programming alternatives

• Rotary switch
• Programmable quantity of water
• Quantity of water may be adjusted for each and every preparation
• Coffee strength is often adjusted for every preparation
• Adjustable coffee strength 2 levels
• Plain text display
• Programmable switch-off time

Positive aspects on the Dual Spout

• Height-adjustable on a continuous scale amongst two inches and five. Four inches
• Separate pipe systems for coffee and milk guarantee best hygiene
• The integrated splash guard prevents milk or coffee from getting into the machine while the drink is getting prepared
• State-of-the-art fine foam technologies for compact, creamy milk foam
• Easy-to-clean because person parts are numbered

Advantages of the Aroma Preservation Seal

• The unique silicone seal keeps the bean container air-tight
• The coffee beans are kept fresh to get an extended time
• This intensifies the aroma inside the cup

Thermo block 2010 pump heats and steams faster

Fine foam technologies
Height-adjustable dual spout
Programmable coffee strength and temperature
Less difficult, quicker water filter programming through initial start-up







Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center



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Key Features



Coffee Maker


Operation Source



Max. Power

1450 Watts


Tech Details


Built-in Grinder

With Built-in Grinder





Coffee Style

Ground Coffee


Water Tank Size

37.2 oz.





17.52 in.



12.72 in.



9.06 in.



20.72 lb.