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Goal Zero 31901 Yeti 1250 Silver

Yeti 1250 Silver


-No need for gas, clean and quiet.

-Convenient plug-n-play design.

-While the Yeti is very heavy


-The USB section does not charge my Blackberry. 

Aim Zero Energy Packs Roundup

Aim Zero is a maker of solar energy packs and panels and has been around because 2009. They're all concerning the solar life. Their products are solar powered and you may get lighting goods, solar panels and solar generators / energy packs.

Guide ten Plus Energy Pack

The Objective Zero Guide ten Plus is actually a power pack that uses 4 rechargeable batteries to shop energy. You can use this energy pack with a solar panel to charge the batteries or connect it to a USB port for charging.
After the batteries are charged you are able to then use this power pack to charge the batteries of your hand held devices like your mobile phone, iPad, tablet, and so on. or use it directly to energy your device.

Escape 150 Power Pack

This energy pack is exceptionally versatile and may be used wherever you'll need electric power. It may be taken camping to power your appliances or to recharge your devices. It also be used as a energy supply for your cabin in the woods or a backup source of power at household to energy appliances in the course of small energy outages.

The Escape 150 utilizes an AGM battery to store the electric energy. This battery requirements to become recharged every 3 months or kept on a trickle charger when not in use. Also when using this energy pack it is actually recommended that you do not entirely drain it on the electric charge.
Sherpa 50 Power Pack

It is designed for a variety of tablet, laptops and cameras. However the manufacture notes that when contemplating laptops the Sherpa 100 is better suited to power a MacBook Pro exactly where power requirements are larger. Be sure you verify these requriements if a laptop power source is necessary.

The Sherpa 50 is often recharged making use of a solar panel, it might also be charged from your car utilizing a 12 volt adapter or charged by means of a wall outlet.





Goal Zero



Item Weight

103 pounds

Product Dimensions

16 x 14.5 x 11.5 inches

Item model number



1 Nonstandard Battery batteries required. (included)



Manufacturer Part Number