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Friedrich PDH15K5SF 14,500 BTU Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner

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- Reputable

- Removable water tank

- Very efficient once hose is insulated

- Swing, Sleep, Timer, multi-fan speed



- Fairly bulky/heavy for its BTU rating

New Motor Design and style

With separate indoor and outside motors, the indoor motor can run at slower speeds which reduces sound levels indoors.

New Tangential Blower Wheel

Tangential blower wheel has practically 5x the surface region of a common fan utilised on other PTACs. The outcome is extra uniform airflow more than a wider path for faster, additional even air distribution all through the room and improved sound levels.

Air is blown more than the entire length of the tangential wheel into the room inside a uniform laminar airflow.

3 Speed Fan

Friedrich is definitely the only significant PTAC brand with three fan speeds in cooling and heating mode.

Soft start/stop fan delay feature reduces transitional noise that is certainly typically related with compressor start-up.


Universal Heater/Power Cord

All PTAC units ship comprehensive together with the normal power cord for that model (7K,9K and 12K = 3.0 kW and 15K = five.0 kW). If you'd like to adjust the heater size on any PTAC unit basically unplug the attached energy cord and connect the desired size. It can be important to make sure that all wiring and creating connections are sized adequately for the energy cord also.

Universal heater allows installers to adjust the heat output from the PTAC by changing the power cord, simplifying ordering and installation.


Digital Control Features


• Digital Temperature Readout

By digitally monitoring desired area temperature, the room is controlled more precisely than conventional systems.

The large, easy-to-read LED display can show either the set point or actual space temperature as selected by owner.


One-Touch Operation

When the unit is powered off, the unit could be returned straight to heating or cooling mode by pressing the 'Heat' or 'Cool' buttons with out the confusing power up sequence of some controls.

One-touch control requires guesswork out of unit manage, delivering a far more enjoyable expertise and eliminating front-desk calls.

• Person Mode & Fan Control Buttons

By having separate handle buttons and indicators for both fan and mode settings, the Friedrich digital manage eliminates the confusion of previous digital PTACs.

The accurate temperature setting provides greater guest comfort than other systems.

• Quiet Start/Stop Fan Delay

The fan start and stop delays prevent abrupt changes in space acoustics due to the compressor energizing or stopping immediately.

Upon call for cooling or heating, the unit fan will run for five seconds prior to energizing the compressor.

Also, the fan off delay allows for "free cooling" by utilizing the already cool indoor coil to its maximum capacity by running for 30 seconds after the compressor.

• Remote Thermostat Operation

Some applications require the use of a wall-mounted thermostat.

All new Friedrich PTACs may be switched from unit manage to remote thermostat manage easily with out the need to order a special model or accessory kit.

• Internal Diagnostic Program

The new Friedrich digital PTAC features a self diagnostic program that can alert maintenance to component failures or operating problems.

The internal diagnostic program saves properties valuable time when diagnosing running problems.



Dimensions & Weights

Chassis Width:


Chassis Depth:

13 1/2"

Chassis Height:


PDXWS Wall Sleeve Width:


PDXWS Wall Sleeve Depth:

13 3/4"

PDXWS Wall Sleeve Height:


Front Cover Width:


Front Cover Depth:

7 3/4"

Front Cover Height:


Cutout Width:

42 1/4"

Cutout Height:

16 1/4"

Net Weight:

121 lbs.

Shipping Weight:

141 lbs.

Physical Data

R-410A Charge:

39.86 oz.

Performance Data

Cooling BTUh:


Power - Cool:

1,480/1,460 Watts



Reverse Heating BTUh:


Power - Heat:

1,300/1,270 Watts




3.2 pints/hr

Sensible Heat Ratio:


Electrical Data

Voltage (1 Phase, 60 Hz):


Volt Range:

253 - 187


6.7/7.5 Amps

Reverse Heat Current:

5.8/6.2 Amps

Power Factor:


Compressor LRA:


Compressor RLA:


Fan Motor Horsepower:


Airflow Data

Indoor CFM - High:


Indoor CFM - Medium:


Indoor CFM - Low:


Vent CFM:


Electrical Heat Data

Heater Watts - 230/208:




Heating BTUh - 230/208:


Heating Current - 230/208:


Minimum Circuit Ampacity - 230/208:


Branch Circuit Fuse:

30 Amps