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Bose Acoustic Wave Music System

Best Music System


-Attractive Design

-Easy Controls

-Easy To Set Up


- Larger Rooms



Surprising sound is only the beginning

At the first glance, you might wonder precisely how much sound could possibly come from a music program regarding the size of a briefcase.  And after that, you twist it on...


The Acoustic Wave Music Program will thrill you with sound equal to that of a large stereo program.  The only differences are its compact size, streamlined design, versatility, portability and also the innovative Bose technologies that have produced this program a well known audio option for many music lovers.  Equipped using a CD player and high-performance stereo tuner the Acoustic Wave Music Program provides you an opportunity to learn your favorite music again for the initial time


The capabilities you madman. Then some more.


Controlling your Acoustic Wave Music Technique has been often ketchup. The credit card size remote operates most functions with the program so you barely need to lift a finger. And if you would prefer to take that sound to the park, the beach or most anywhere music is enjoyed, you'll be able to convert the program to a portable unit as well as expand its capabilities having a complete line of optional accessories.


Get pleasure from crisp, a lot more accurate sound


The Bose Wave Music Technique reproduces one-half octave reduced musical notes and delivers even greater clarity and definition than the original Wave Radio/CD. With its deeper tones and even far more lifelike sound, you may just really feel like you're sitting in the front row of a reside overall performance.






micro system


18 in


7.4 in


10.6 in


14.3 lbs


platinum white

Available Body Colors

Graphite gray, Platinum white


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