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Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

Leather plus Executive chairs



Big and well built.


Not suitable for short peoples

Boss Black LeatherPlus Leather Executive Office Chair Review


After doing an extensive researches in the past few days, I’ve come across one leather office chair that you can call it “the best” (in term of Value/price and features) leather executive chair from BOSS – the California-based furniture company (Norstar) that specializes in design and manufacturing office products such as ergonomic office chair, leather chairs, workstations and many more.


BOSS Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair, or what has been known as B8601 (manufacture codename) if you choose to be a little bit geeky in codename, is the one I meant. The reason for choosing this chair is based on the number of people who’ve bought it and come back with a positive responses.


I’ve seen more than hundreds of owners given out their opinions and about 80-percent of them rate it five stars as the sign of their satisfactions. So I can bravely recommend it to you as a comparison if you are currently looking for a leather chair for your office.


Obviously, that is not the only thing that push me to make this chair as a recommendation for a leather executive chair. The main reasons are..


This office chair featured a great built-in lumber support where some users claimed that the chair is capable of stopping their back pain and they can sit longer, and get more jobs done faster.


The leatherPlus skin that looks intriguing and so premium looking, even though you are paying less than it should!


This executive chair is an great leather office chair without the leather chair price!


Stay with me if you want to know more as I’ve compiled the extensive report regarding this chair that you won’t find it elsewhere (unless it’s stolen by copyscrapper!).


Let’s start with the most interesting benefits of BOSS Black LeatherPlus executive office chair…


 Lumbar Support and headrest


BOSS B8601 is a high back office chair with built-in lumbar support and headrest. Of course, even it’s not as customizable as the pricey and overhyped Aeron chair from Herman Miller, this stuff works (proved by users who’ve stopped their back pain after using this chair for several months).


The main reason to provide lumbar support is to make sure that your back have a proper rest zone, instead of staying intense all the day, all the time you sat down on the chair doing your work. It make sure you can rest yourself entirely against it, giving a full back support to ease the tension of your nerves.


Unless you are taller or shorter than average people, the lumbar will hit the sweet spots on your back to make sure you are resting your body instead of sitting in tension mode. Some users who’ve got themselves a lower back surgery claimed that he can have a long hours sitting using this executive chair without feeling pain or fatique. Another proof that this stuff works!


However, one user that I’ve come across who have a rather tall body (6-feet 4-inch) was complaining that he had a difficult time trying to rest his head on the head rest, and he wished BOSS do accommodate a taller headrest for tall people, but sadly that wish won’t come true if it’s on this chair…


Technical Details
Brand Name Boss Office Products
Item Weight 48 pounds
Product Dimensions 28 x 26.5 x 48.5 inches
Item model number B8601
Color Black/Grey
Material Type Leather
Number of Items 1
Size Large
Manufacturer Part Number B8601