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Remington Ac2015 Tstudio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer

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It's slightly quieter
It dries your hair a little quicker
It has some interesting and useful bells and whistles


It's uncomfortably heavier


Dry Your Hair Optimally with Remington Ac2015 Tstudio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer


Do you love getting your hair wet? If so, then your best companion would be the Remington Ac2015 Tstudio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer. This product is a must for you if you are always in many situations where you would not want to get caught with wet hair. Rapid drying of hair is important, and the product can provide that without messing your hair up. You can even change the way your hair looks by using the hair dryer.


Three Main Product Pros


Speed of drying


You do not have to become late for work or to keep rushing for important engagements just because you want your hair to be dry and to look good. The dryer’s speed can save you many minutes.


Concentrator and diffuser


These two features allow you to change the way your hair looks to fit a particular occasion. Your hair dryer should not be bland – it should make your hair look stylish. No matter how your hair looks like, you can always use either of the two devices to make your hair become something to behold.


Health care for your hair


Rare is the hair dryer that not only dries hair but also keeps it healthy. Hair cuticles are kept in good shape with the Pearl Technology; hair is kept soft by positive ions. What use is dry hair if it doesn’t look good at all to the eye and doesn’t feel good to the touch?


One Product Con


Sometimes the hair dryer produces a loud sound, but it does get the job done, anyway. The sound depends on the mode of heating being done, and that is adjustable.


Value for Your Money


Maintain your hair hygiene and get the hairstyle you want with the Remington Ac2015 Tstudio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer. High-speed drying reduces the hassle associated with keeping your hair in top shape. You can even change hairstyles and keep your hair healthy. What more can you ask from this dryer?


No matter your hair style, color, weight or texture Remington has the best hair tool for you.  Browse through all of the hair care products we have to offer, you'll find our tool's performance is unmatched.  Check out the ratings on our products for hair advice and tips.


For hair that is soft with a velvety, smooth finish, consider Remington® for your unique Hair Dryer needs and revel in some of our best perks:


- Flexible options for all hair types


- Use at home or pick up a travel dryer for when life keeps you on the go


- Enjoy healthy shine and bounce that lasts all day


- All models include a product warranty


Remington Ac2015 Tstudio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer


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Remington Ac2015 Tstudio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer Product Description


Get a smooth salon finish with the Remington T|Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional AC Hair Dryer. Featuring a salon-quality motor boosted by ceramic pearl technology, this powerful dryer works fast and helps seal cuticles to deliver shiny results. Three ceramic heat settings, dual speeds, and an ensemble of included styling tools let you create a variety of professional-looking styles from your own home.


Remington AC2015 Technical Details


- Patent-pending ceramic pearl technology for the smoothest salon finish ever

- 1875 watt ac motor for 40% faster drying time and 3x longer motor life

- Ionic conditioning

- 3 heat settings/2 speeds

- Bonus concentrator and diffuser included


I’m always on the lookout for a great hair dryer, so when I saw the Remington Ac 2015 T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer I knew I had to give it a try.  I was especially excited to try the ceramic pearl technology and the ionic conditioning.  My hair can get ridiculously frizzy at the smallest sign of humidity, but this dryer has made all the difference. The 1875 watt motor makes short work of whatever moisture is in my hair, and I love the bonus concentrator and diffuser that were included in the package. The three heat settings and two speed settings let me get exactly the right amount of heat.  Since I’ve started using this dryer my hair’s been silkier and easier to manage – it’s like going to a salon every day!


The technology inside this hair dryer has made a big difference in the feel of my hair.  It’s easy to use, not too heavy, and has a good amount of variety in the speed and heat controls. The motor is very powerful and has definitely reduced the amount of time I spend in front of the mirror in the morning.  It’s a well made, high performing machine that I’d recommend to anyone who’s looking for a good hair dryer.


Great Technology: It feels a little weird to me to consider the science behind drying my hair, but the good people at Remington are really using it to their (and my) advantage. The ionic conditioning creates negative ions that reduce static and frizz.  The ceramic pearl technology heats at an even temperature and sends little micro-conditioners into your hair to help keep it healthy and beautiful.  I can’t quite wrap my head around how all that works, but the results are easy to see.  My hair is shinier and softer.