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Jura 13422 Impressa C9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Grinders

Touch Automatic Coffee Grinders


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Reliable processor. The KRUPS F203 electric espresso processor is generally viewed as a top-performing item, with holders noticing that it pounds espresso, flavors and seeds finely and equitably. There are no settings; you press the catch the length of it takes to attain to the drudgery you need. Managers say the outcomes are consistently steady.


Some point out that the model's plan (an oval shape with a level top), additionally advances quick and actually crushing. Moreover, it doesn't deliver exorbitant espresso dust, which can prompt a blend that looks like "muck." A couple of grumble that the processor is uproarious, however most wouldn't fret and say its not very noisy.




Then again, numerous clients take note of that ground espresso has a tendency to spill out of the unit when the cover is uprooted. Some have conceived approaches to stay away from this, for example, flipping around the unit in the wake of pounding is finished, tapping the unit daintily against a ledge to discharge all the ground espresso and afterward opening the unit so the top turns into the espresso container. Numerous likewise say the unit can be badly designed to clean, as some ground espresso, flavors or seeds could stay underneath the razor sharp edges. Some propose purchasing a nylon brush and brushing out the processor between employments. Others prompt obtaining separate processors for espresso, flavors and seeds to dodge flavor drain between drudgeries.




Will keep going for quite a long time. We saw numerous surveys from individuals who have possessed the Krups F203 for quite a long time and say that's regardless it going solid - and performing generally and in addition the day they got it. It feels solid and strong when being used, managers say, and there are not very many reports of glitches. It's little and light; simple to store in an organizer, however sufficiently alluring to leave on a counter; we saw numerous remarks about its "snappy" appearance. The limit is little, however, just three ounces, which isn't sufficient for some. This processor is accessible just in dark.


Stupendous machine


This is our second Jura. I gave the first one to my mom and sister after a visit in which they raved about the espresso and adored the simplicity of making a solitary glass of immaculate espresso. I looked into all machines and adored the facilitate that this site accommodated this procedure, particularly the adorable and extremely enlightening features. I chose to update a bit with the goal that I could make a cappuccino with no whine. This machine is a fantasy and provides for us all that we need in an extravagance espresso machine. We make coffees, cappuccinos, hot tea at the touch of a catch.


There is one little distinction from the other Jura that I dislike. The glossy metal tray that the mugs sit on is a dreadful thought. The other Jura had a brushed metal tray that with one basic wipe with a dishcloth or paper towel constantly looked clean. The glossy tray is difficult to continue looking clean as it demonstrates each and every smirch, spread and drop of anything. Indeed in the wake of washing with hot lathery water it will by one means or another smear when drying! Must have been planned by somebody who is into looks and not common sense. This is a pointless exacerbation that could have effortlessly been dodged through a superior configuration choice. I trust planners read these input review.


I give off an impression of being the person who did not give 5 stars on quality - yet once more, at the amazingly high cost it is interesting that a much of the time utilized part it ineffectively outlined. One other aside is that this is apparently a Swiss item - the outside box emphasizes an expansive picture of Swiss tennis star Roger Federer. Ok, yet once you open up the inner part machine you will note in extensive letters "Made in Portugal." Just sayin', Portugal isn't Switzerland.


One last remark which I didn't note anyplace on the feature preparations about this machine and in generally few remarks is the way that this machine experiences a considerable lot of beans. This is my first machine, so maybe they are all like that, however it appears to use around 30 % more beans general that the proportionate utilized by a stove top coffee creator utilizing ground beans.


Transportation and client administration from Seattle Coffee Gear was awesome, with one exemption. For a $1649 buy they generous provided for me a $10 blessing card that touched base with the machine - however when I went to utilize it 3.5 months after the machine arrived I recognized in little print on the over of it that it lapsed 3 m from the date they sent it to me. I discovered this kind of faltering, since the machine accompanies 2 cleaning tablets and two channels, and those things are sufficient to convey a run of the mill client past three months of utilization. I needed to toss out the blessing card when I reordered my cleaning tablets and supplies.


Jura Espresso Machines


Extraordinary for home or office, Jura raises the bean-to-measure experience. With the touch of a catch, this line of Swiss built espresso focuses offers independently blended espresso, coffee or cappuccino into your holding up mug. Also you won't need to hold up since a long time ago a Jura keen espresso focus can granulate, pack, brew and clean toward oneself in under sixty seconds.


Fill the container with your most loved entire bean espresso and relish the crisp taste from a Jura "never-move-the-mug one-touch" that beats plastic espresso cases or paper coffee units undoubtedly.


Machine makes a VG glass of espresso


I like a solid espresso with pleasant crema on top. I additionally like to attempt diverse beans to taste their distinctive flavor and smell. This Jura machine fits my needs, and is easy to work. Nothing favor, none of that dairy stuff yet it performs all the capacities I need. Despite the fact that it is to a degree excessive I am exceptionally content with this buy from SCG.


Brilliant expansion to our kitchen counter


We obtained a revamped Jura Micro 1 from Seattle Coffee Gear around a month back, and couldn't be more content. I am not an in-your-face espresso perfectionist however do have notable desires regarding my morning mug. The Micro 1 couldn't be less demanding to utilize and as a part of not as much as a moment in the wake of turning the unit on, you are drinking an extraordinary mug of hot espresso. The choices for setting bean grind fineness, measure of drudgery, and measure of water ought to take into consideration a scope of diverse espresso qualities to suit most espresso consumers. Some have grumbled of constrained water tank and puck tray size, however it takes so little time to refill and unfilled that it is not an issue for me. I'd go ahead here, however I think I'll make an alternate container of coffee.


A Really Great Single Brew Machine


I purchased the Jura from Seattle Coffee Gear July first and it truly is an incredible machine. The quality appears to be top notch, it is easy to utilize and best of all, it makes a decent measure of espresso!


With the Jura ENA Micro 1 espresso producer, you pay the cash forthright. With the other single serve machines you wind up paying as much over the long haul through each one time you purchase one of their exclusive units. The single container unit machines simply don't appear to make an incredible mug of espresso.


Awesome Machine


I did far reaching research before purchasing this machine and have zero second thoughts. The nature of the espresso is brilliant with a pleasant layer of crema. It warms up rapidly, it is anything but difficult to utilize, it prompts you to supplant the channel or perform a cleaning cycle, and takes up next to no space. Cleaning the dribble tray and utilized grounds container is a snap. There is truly no correlation between this machine and one that uses units. The Keurig I use at work takes always to brew some espresso contrasted with the Jura. As different people said, this machine is best for a home with 2-3 espresso consumers.


Great machine


I was researching getting a machine that could without much of a stretch and rapidly make a morning latte without an excessive amount of work. I was near to striving for Nespresso, yet in the wake of doing the math I was turned off of the expense of paying for the units long haul. Trying for a self-loader machine, I in the end picked the Micro Ena 1 when SCG was having an advancement where you get the milk frother too.


I've been utilizing the machine for 2 weeks so far and have been exceptionally inspired. The nature of the shots, utilizing Lavazza super crema espresso beans, have been awesome. I genuinely think the taste of the latte/frosted lattes I have improved have been than what you get at Starbucks. Family for whom I have made beverages have concurred.


It is certainly a great deal of cash to put down in advance, however it pays off on the off chance that you are purchasing coffee based beverages at nearby cafés. Remember that other than the expense of espresso beans, you will need to additionally pay for the water channels and cleaning/descaling tablets. That being said, it will in any case be essentially less expensive than going to Starbucks or paying every unit with Nespresso.









Blade Material

Stainless Steel






8.82 oz


Weight (Lbs)



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Cup warmer



Maximum cup height

5.5 inches


Pump pressure