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Hair Dryers

A blowdryer or hair dryer is an electromechanical device designed to blow cool or hot air over damp hair, in order to accelerate the evaporation of water particles and dry the hair. Blowdryers allow to better control the shape and style of hair, by accelerating and controlling the formation of temporary hydrogen bonds inside each strand.



Solano Supersolano 3700 Moda Professional Hair Dryer

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The Solano Supersolano Moda 3700 Hair Dryer could be the most current dryer in the Solano hair dryer line and comes in an all new compact size! It utilizes a ceramic heater, ceramic thermal grille to maintain heat consistent, and tourmaline to enhance the adverse ions produced by its 1875 watt motor.

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BaByliss Pro introduces the world’s initial experienced luxury hair dryer powered by a genuine Ferrari designed engine. Sealed ball bearings and improved brushes increase engine life as much as 2000 hours. Maximum airflow, minimum weight, low vibration and turbo-speed overall performance make the BaByliss PRO Volare the grand prix of styling! 

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Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri Dryer Big Sale!

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Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri Dryer is often a 1100 Watt Salon hair dryer Produced IN ITALY. This model comes with a caster base generating it uncomplicated to move about any salon. This is the most beneficial Promoting sturdy hair dryer on the market and has been for many several years. The height and head is usually very easily adjusted to match any client. 

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What Type Hair Dryer Is Right For You?


There are so many hair dryers in the marketplace and just which one is the right one for you? There are so many different types, styles, different features, and probably even more important, different prices. So just exactly how do you go about selecting the right one?


When shopping for a new hair dryer, there are many factors to consider:


1) What type hair do you have? Is it long, short, fine or thin, thick, curly, damaged, etc.?

2) Are there any weight or ergonomic issues that need to be taken into consideration?

3) Is the dryer going to be for at home use or travel or both?

4) What is your budget?


Once you have answers to these questions, it makes it much easier to weed through the vast assortment of hair dryers that you can choose from. However, whether your hair is damaged or not, always be certain that the dryer you select has ceramic and ionic technology. Why? These technologies are important in the drying process. In a nutshell, ionic technology helps evaporate the water quickly from your hair. Ceramic technology results in even heat distribution across the hair and eliminates damaging hot spots while using the dryer. The negative ions that are created break down the water drops into tiny particles that are absorbed into the hair shaft, and the drying time is reduced considerably. The end result is less damage to your hair and more hydration for shiny, healthy hair.


In choosing a hair dryer that is right for the type hair that you have it boils down to the wattage of the dryer. There are hairdryers that typically range anywhere from 250 watts to 2000 watts of power. Among these you will find hot air brushes that actually dry and style your hair, styler dryers that include comb and brush attachments, wall mounted dryers, hard and soft hat hair dryers, and your customary pistol grip type dryers. In conjunction with wattage, consideration needs to be made for the heat/speed settings that are included with the dryer.


One of the many complaints that people have when using a hairdryer is the weight of the dryer. This is understandable because let's face it, people who have a lot of hair end up having to hold their dryer for longer periods of time. And, if you are styling your hair with a styling brush while drying your hair, it may take even longer. Just think about the hair stylist who is blowing out hair all day long! People who already have carpal tunnel type issues or tendencies also need to be mindful of what is not going to aggravate this further. Fortunately, the manufacturers of hairdryers have listened to the professionals and you can now find more of a variety of lightweight dryers, ergonomic handles, and even well balanced dryers. These dryers generally have the motor of the dryer centered to where the weight of the dryer is well distributed and there is less stress in whatever position you are holding it.


Hair Dryer Features and What They Mean


When it comes to styling your hair, you should pay attention to using the right tools. If you have just washed your hair, the hair styling becomes a lot easier provided you use a good quality hair dryer. So how do you decide about the right type of hair dryer for your hair? There are certain features of a hair dryer that you should keep in mind while making a decision. This article explains each feature in detail.




Go for the hair dryer that offers higher wattage. This is because a hair dryer with higher wattage is likely to produce more heat and greater air flow. If you have a weak blow dryer, you may waste a lot of time in drying your hair. It is advisable to go for a hair dryer that offers at least 1750 watts. For those with thick hair, are recommended to choose a hair dryer offering 1900 and 2000 watts with quick drying time.


Hair type


While choosing a hair dryer, you should pay attention to your hair type. If you have natural curls, which you would love to flaunt, you should choose a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment, which allows you to have a frizz-free styling.




If you are buying a hair dryer to straighten your hair, you should buy the one based on ceramic and tourmaline technology. If you buy a hair straightener with a ceramic heater, you can get more heat and it would become a lot easier to straighten your hair. Go for a hair dryer with tourmaline if you love to have smooth and shiny hair. If you are using a hair dryer to straighten your hair, you should go for the one, which has a nozzle attachment. This is because a nozzle attachment on a hair dryer would help you throw the air stream directly on the area of hair where it is needed the most. Moreover, the nozzle attachment promotes faster and smoother hair drying experience. If you want to rule out the possibility of fly away hair, you should point the nozzle of the hair dryer a little downward while using it.


Use the one with variable speeds and heat controls


While buying a hair straightener, go for the one having variable speeds and heat controls. This is because the higher heat and air settings allow you to remove extra moisture from your hair. If you are concerned about causing less damage to your hair while using a hair straightener, you should switch to lower heat settings. Similarly, if you have severely damaged hair, you should choose the hair dryer that has multiple settings to control heat and air flow. You should use the heat setting as low as possible to get a mild hair styling experience and fine hair.


Check the weight of the hair dryer


You should consider the weight of the hair dryer while choosing the one for your precious locks. A heavy blow dryer is not only troublesome to handle, but it may drain out your wrists and arms much before you get your favorite hair styling done. Those with short hair can easily choose a light-weight hair dryer. However, those having long hair may require to spend 10 minutes extra while drying their hair. There are hair dryers available in the market, which are as light as 2 lbs.




Pricing is certainly one of the most important factors while selecting a hair dryer. You can get a hair dryer anywhere between $30 and $140. Though high-end hair dryers are equipped with almost all features, you can easily get a good quality hair dryer between $40 and $60.