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Body Lotion

Lotions are applied to external skin with bare hands, a brush, a clean cloth, cotton wool, or gauze. Many lotions, especially hand lotions and body lotions are formulated not as a medicine delivery system, but simply to smooth, moisturize and soften the skin. These are particularly popular with the aging and aged demographic groups, and in the case of face usage, can also be classified as a cosmetic in many cases, and may contain fragrances.


Choose Your Body Lotion

Body lotions come in many different combinations of herbs, natural products derived from fruits, plant leaves or seeds. They work in so many ways, such as healing dry skin, improving skin's texture, nourishing and replenishing skin's lost natural oils as well as it restores the radiance of the skin.

I. Natural Ingredients:

1. Shea butter

Derived from the fruit kernels of the shea nut tree, it has remarkable healing and softening abilities. Studies show that shea butter has anti inflammatory effects on the skin, thus increase wound healing and improve scar appearance. From its physical make up of vitamin E, vitamin A, and cinnamic acid as well as a unique fatty acid profile, this butter can moisturize and heal dry skin.

2. Sunflower oil

Is rich in vitamins E and A and very high in fatty acids that aids in restoring skin moisture, natural oils and regenerates. Vitamin A encourages collagen production and is able to retain moisture.

3. Almond oil

Easily absorbed, this is an important nutrient for skin softening and conditioning. With high vitamin A content, it is very suitable to dry, flaky or inflamed skin. Helps the skin to balance its loss and absorption of moisture.

4. Jojoba oil

Good for all skin types, It readily penetrates the skin to nourish, moisturize and softens dry skin. Hypoallergenic and pure, it contains minerals, proteins and a waxy substance which imitates the skin's collagen, making it supple and soft to the touch.

5. Cocoa butter

A very popular ingredient among hand and body lotions, like the shea butter, it acts as an emollient helping the skin feel soft and calm. It can also prevent and lessen stretch marks if applied regularly.

6 Aloe Vera

Studies show that aloe vera can very well improve the skin's capability to hydrate itself. It has a powerful penetrating ability which carries healthy substances through the skin. With daily use, aloe vera will help maintain a healthy glowing skin. Because of its numerous biologically active ingredients, such as polysaccharides, phytosterols, glycerol, vitamins E, B & C and zinc; these all contribute to the healing, scar reducing and anti inflammatory effects of aloe vera.

7. Macadamia oil

This has lubrication properties and is easily absorbed. This oil is high in monounsaturated fatty acids acting as anti oxidants to prevent deterioration and weakening of cell membrane. It is also an emollient with magnesium and thiamine, that soothes and calms. Good for mature and aging skin.

8. Glycerin

It has humectant properties, drawing moisture from the air unto the skin.

II. Choosing The Right Body Lotion For You:

- Read labels

Different products have different ingredients. It is important that you know what consists of the lotion that you are buying, to avoid allergies. Also choose a product labeled as a moisturizer.

- Choose a moisturizing lotion

Take note of the positive changes it has done to your skin. Note these changes and if you love the results, then continue using it.

- Know your skin

Although many lotions are for all skin types, there are lotions which are specifically formulated for normal,dry, amd extra dry skin. It is best to buy a lotion that could address to your skin type to achieve the best results.


Hand and Body Lotion - Quench Your Skin's Thirst

When you have glowing, healthy skin, you feel better. Your skin is a living, breathing organ and should be well cared for. As we begin to age the cell renewal process slows down and skin becomes drier. Look to age-old remedies from nature, ingredients derived from plants and vegetables, when you are looking for a quality hand and body lotion. Applying a moisturizing hand and body lotion is necessary for skin to maintain its elasticity and to prevent premature skin ageing. Some of the skin nourishing oils and butters added in a quality hand and body lotion include the following:

· Shea Butter: Forms a breathable, water-resistant film and is the leading natural product for moisturizing. Natural Shea Butter has a high amount of Vitamins A and E which help to repair skin damage. Natural Shea Butter is widely used to help protect your skin from the sun's UV rays and is known for softening and healing cracked and aged skin. It also provides some relief to itchy skin. Look for natural shea butter that is unrefined or is refined by a natural filtering process which is used to remove any botanical impurities usually found in unrefined shea butter. The refining process produces a shea butter that is lighter in color and does not have a smoky or nutty scent. When you read the label look for the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) name, Butyrospermum Parkii.

· Cocoa Butter: A soothing ingredient that helps minimize dryness and helps improve the skin's elasticity. Cocoa Butter is a yellowish vegetable fat most often used to soften the skin. It is solid at room temperature but melts on contact with the skin. Cocoa Butter is made during the manufacture of cocoa and chocolate. It is known to help prevent and minimize stretch marks, protect dry, chapped skin, treat skin irritations, help erase wrinkles on neck, around eyes and mouth and adds a firming agent to skin care products. The INCI name for Cocoa Butter is Theobroma Cacao.

· Sunflower Oil: It supplies more Vitamin E than any other vegetable oil and contains vitamins A and D. It offers smoothing properties in hand and body lotions and is easily absorbed into the skin; a great vegetable oil for massage products. It softens and moisturizes skin and is highly recommended for dry, weathered, aged, and damaged skin. The INCI name for Sunflower Oil is Helianthus Annuus.

· Jojoba (pronounced Ho Ho Ba), Olive, Grapeseed, Avocado and Sweet Almond Oils are also great additions to hand and body lotions. Each has unique characteristics that are beneficial to your skin. Jojoba Oil is especially good for mature skin, while Grapeseed Oil is often recommended for acne and oily skin. Avocado Oil penetrates the skin easily and Sweet Almond Oil is suitable for most skin types.

Other ingredients to note:

· Vegetable Glycerin: It has emollient like properties which can soften and soothe the skin. It is hygroscopic which means that it attracts moisture from the air and it assists the outer epidermis layer of the skin in retaining moisture. Glycerin is available in vegetable and animal derived forms. I prefer Glycerin that is derived from vegetable oil, palm or coconut. The INCI name for Vegetable Glycerin is Glycerin.